Monday, March 23, 2015

Rest in Peace, Mr Lee

Woke up to the news that a man whom I deeply admire and appreciate, has passed on.

A nation mourns his passing. For all that he has stood for and done for the country, he truly deserves all the accolades given to him by many, near and far.

Funny, how many locals cannot wait to see him go, full of criticisms of his policies and the manner in which he ruled. But I ask, if he hadn't done what he had to do, would Singapore be where it is today? A first world country, admired by many,  from near and afar.

I have many friends from neighbouring countries, lamenting about how well we have done, progressed as compared to the situation in their countries. Like they say, the grass is always greener on the other side, that those on this, do not see it.

Our citizens live in harmony, despite the many different races, and religion. Our economic growth is the envy of many. We have a stable economy, good infrastructure, well educated citizens, and we have one of the highest percentage of home owners.

We can safely say that this was all possible only because of his vision for our country.

Let us take a moment now, to honour his spirit, and join his family in mourning the loss of a truly great man.

Rest in Peace Mr Lee. You will be missed.

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