Monday, March 25, 2013

Dress code

Cant believe we are already in the last week of March and I havent done a single post here. My apologies to all who have been checking in.

Well, this month was marked by many school activities and assessments, and lots of good food due to Restaurant week here.

I have another good meal up this week. We have been invited to a dinner which will involve a gastronomic experience cooked by Chef Shannon Bennett. However, this is the dress code for the dinner:

I'm stumped on what to wear.

You see, the last time I was invited to a dinner by these same hosts some 6 weeks ago, the dress code was smart casuals.

Then I had no problem. I was a little more formal than smart casual, as I wore a little black dress. Hubs always says: It's better to over dress than under dress. At that dinner, they were many ladies in cocktail dresses and 6 inch heels, and many men were in dinner jackets. I felt under-dressed tho' I over-dressed. I couldnt understand why the other guests were so over-dressed for a smart-casual dress code! I would have happily gone in smart looking jeans!! (and stuck out like a sore thumb, which I am glad I didnt!!)

Now, with this glitz and glamour dress code, I can't imagine what the other ladies will be coming in. I know I will definitely be under-dressed.

Glitz and glamour as defined on the world wide web :

Tons of make-up, false eyelashes, sparkly, fancy clothes, hairpieces, a walking-talking Barbie doll.

Ostentatious showiness; flashiness

An air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring

I am not the sort that wears full make-up, and I dont even know how to put on false eyelashes. I have nothing really alluring in my wardrobe, and I am a fussy dresser and and I really doubt if I will be able to find something in 2 days!! Yikes!!

Any ideas?? I cant possibly go in that same LBD!!