Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The last 8 months

I have not posted for more than 6 months!!
I have been busy.  With the year almost over, I will just update on what occupied my time since my last post, which kept me from this blog:

May 2015 - A day after my dad's 84th birthday, he suffered a stroke. Being his only child who doesnt hold a regular job, most of the running around fell on my shoulders. Talking to the neuro surgeons, physiotherapists, doctors, hospital employees. It doesn't help going to a public hospital coz you have to time your visits with when the doctors make their rounds. Otherwise they never return calls like they promise to, and it sure doesn't help when its over a weekend too, coz schedules change and you end up waiting longer than you would like to. After discharge, it also became my duty to bring him for his numerous doctors appointments for his various ailments, as well as twice weekly therapy sessions at the rehabilitation centre. My plate was over-flowing, coz all these was on top of my regular busy schedule of ferrying the kids and household errands. It doesn't help too that when my siblings are not at work, they are travelling, which means no one reliefs me of any of the duties.

June 2015 - I managed to take a well-deserved short 3 day break with the rest of the family to Phuket.

Sept 2015 - I made a trip to the UK, dropping my oldest at Uni. Missed the General Elections because of it but nevertheless was kept well updated by my friends on the sentiments on the ground. We spent 6 days in London, 5 of which was spent at only 2 museums, and we did not manage to finish looking at everything in those 2 museums, but She sure enjoyed her time at the museum!!

Sept 2015 - Singapore was covered in HAZE. Yes, we were coughing our lungs out due to some inconsiderate neighbour not wanting to make a firm stand on forest fires, nor accept help (until it was too late) to fight those fires.

Oct 2015 - The start of the O levels for my son. Yes, my son took his O levels this year. I was the absent mum, who did not have the time to bake for him, or take care of his other needs during the run-up to his exams, unlike his older sister last year. But he did not complain. He understood that I did what I could with the time I had. Bless him!

Nov 2015 - Annual review for my youngest's medical condition. This year we saw a marked improvement in her bone density. Praise the Lord!! Encouraged by the results, we have decided to continue the treatment for another 6 months before we take a break for her to prepare for her Primary School Leaving Examination.

Nov 2015 - Terror attacks in Paris. Worst news ever!! Innocent lives lost. Holiday plans de-railed! We have never booked a vacation more than 4 weeks before departure. This year was an exception. We booked for the family to go to London and Paris early. Was so please with myself for being so organised. Air-tickets booked, accommodation booked, trains booked, tours booked. Now all down the drain. The Paris portion that is!! Because of the attacks last week, we have decided to give Paris a miss. Unfortunately, there are no refunds for trains and tours booked, and only a 50% refund for the accommodation. Sigh. Bye, bye $$$!! Now I have to get back to the drawing board and re-book our alternative for Paris.