Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On-line shopping

I am not one that enjoys on-line shopping.

I am the sort that needs to feel, touch, try before buying. Especially if it is clothes.

Just the other day, my husband encouraged me to do some on-line clothes shopping.

Why? Because he found really good men bargains on-line.

He was getting designer brand shirts and trousers at a fraction of the price.

And by fraction, I mean a really small fraction of what we would have to pay had he gone to a brick and mortar shop here.

And based on his past experiences, he is now hooked.

As for me, I have bought a pair of shoes once before on-line.

It came from a brand I had bought from during our trip to the US 2 years ago.

However, when the shoes arrived, they felt a size too small. And to return it, would be too much trouble, so I have been wearing a too-tight pair of supposedly comfortable shoes.

Hence my reluctance to shop on-line.

Well, after much bugging by him I succumbed.

As I am not really large, it was easy to get discounted designer clothes.

In fact many of those on sale were my size.

But to be on the safe side, I bought "relaxed fit" tops.

I thought that would provide me with a bigger margin of error.

No body hugging dresses.

Wish me luck.

If they work out well, then I may be more adventurous and shop more on-line in time to come.

Do you do on-line shopping for clothes or shoes? How was your experience?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Zhi Char

Zhi Char in chinese literally means cooking, stir frying. In the local context, it usually refers to a "Chinese food stall serving a wide variety of a la carte dishes usually with white steamed rice and soups". (Source: www.goodfood.sg)

Some time back, a friend of mine who had migrated was back in Singapore for a business trip. We were meeting her for dinner and she specifically requested for "zhi char" in a coffeeshop. I guess she was missing the experience.

My friends and I cracked our heads on where to go. (When my family eats out, it is either hawker food, fast food or restaurants. We hardly go for zhi char.) Fortunately she came to our rescue and suggested a place she frequented when she was still living here.

We had a scrumptious meal at a reasonable price. (Sorry no photos!).
This is what we had at the zhi char place:
Stir fried chicken in sesame oil and ginger
Steamed garoupa ,
Fried sweet potato leaves with sambal
Liver, kidney and pig stomach soup
Steamed Tou foo with micned meat

When I got home, my MIL asked about the dinner. I told her all about it, and she suggested that we should actually bring the kids one day since I had enjoyed the food.

But actually there is no need too. Why?? Coz these are the food we frequently cook for ourselves at home!

No wonder I had trouble finding a zhi char place to go to!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Full circle

I remember when we were young.

Variety of shops available were not that great.

We did most things ourselves. To get help was expensive, by the standards of those times.

Only the really rich could afford the luxuries.

Even a cake for a birthday was home baked.

Then the country prospered.

We became more developed.

Businesses flourished.

Variety became the spice of life.

Cake shops galore.

Nobody baked their own cakes anymore.

It was easier and sometimes cheaper to buy, than to make your own.

BUT we nowadays, more people are now getting back to basics.

Doing their own stuff. Making their own things,

For the last few birthdays, I have been baking.

For my friend

For my child

Simple cakes coz I am no expert. I am not good at the frosting and cake decorating side of it,

And just last evening, my son baked me my birthday cake!!

GASP! A very good first time attempt!!

I am definitely touched.

Thank you my boy for the thought and effort.

Love it.

And a full circle we have come from home baking to buying, to me baking for them and now they bake for me!!

Monday, July 1, 2013


The skirt felt really snug. 

So when I was at the club, I stood on the scales in the changing room. 

I couldn't believe the number the arrow went to. 

The stone on my new ring doesnt weigh that much!! 

Taking it off I weighed again. 

Same number. 

So, I walked over to another set of scales, the kind where you move the weights for the arrows to reach an equilibrium.

It, too, said I had gained weight! 

But fortunately not as much as what the other one said. 

So I'm believing it. 

Walking has to resume tomorrow. 

Please bless us with clear skies and beautiful weather. 

I need to get back into shape.

Not the round shape. 

Neither do I want to be a square, apple or pear shaped. 

Hour glass shape please!! 

What shape are you? 

50 = 25 x 2

A new milestone is ahead of me.

When I was young I couldnt imagine being 50. To me it was just waaay too old.

Now that I am at the door of it, it's like "no big deal".

Some call it the new 30 but for me I think it's probably the new 25.

At this age, we dont worry so much about what people think of what we wear, how we look or what we eat. We are not here to impress anyone! We live life the way we want. If they dont like it, too bad!! We know who are real friends are, and we are comfortable the way we are.

We would probably have twice the fun we did at 25!! So, 50 is indeed 25 x 2!