Thursday, June 27, 2013

The June Hols

We started the June vacation on a high note.

Full of beans doing lots of exercises. Swimming up to 3-4 times a week during the first week, and even before the holidays started.

This year, we decided to do an activity filled vacation. We chose a Club Med holiday.

We spent time swimming, kayaking, playing badminton, tennis, and even Mahjong!!

It was four days of sun, sand, sea, and fun!!

And then we came home. And mid-way into the 3rd week of the vacation, the haze decided to visit us.

That put a stop to all of our physical activities, especially when the PSI hit the hazardous level, and we could even smell the smokiness of the haze when we were indoors, even with our windows and doors shut. The haze had crept in.

We tried to stay in as much as possible, the air purifiers came out from cold storage. The air-cons worked over-time. So did our lungs.

When the PSI dipped a little out of the hazardous level, but still unhealthy, we were already itching to go out and exercise again.

But on the side of caution, we wrung our hands and sat tight.

Now that we are in the last days of our vacation, that urge to exercise has been lost. Even though the PSi is now ranging between healthy and moderate, the kids are so comfortable at home in their couch-potato position, they dont want to exercise!!

All the benefits of the exercise we have been doing is going to be lost. We have been eating quite a bit too. With numerous birthdays celebrated in June amongst family members, and friends visiting, it has been makan, makan, makan. (Makan is the malay word for eat). Singaporeans favourite past-time.

Well, let's hope that with July will come clear sunny weather, and we manage to get back to our exercise routine.

Go haze, go!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Friendly Gecko

I always thought lizards were afraid of people.

But there is one in my home that seems to think it's our pet.

It gravitates towards humans.

It comes out when we turn the lights on.

Last evening it tried to jump onto my lap.

I am generally not afraid of them ....

... if they keep their distance.

This one was too friendly for my liking.

So I screamed.

So did the little one.

Our knight in shining amour didn't come to our rescue.

He was glued to the computer, downstairs, despite all that screaming (and excitement?) upstairs.

Awhile later, on his way upstairs, when the rest of us were cool and collected downstairs he said:

If I scream, please come to my rescue!!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Nerd or cool?

My daughter sent me a message the other day.

She wanted to know if I could pick her home at a certain time.

I decided I wanted to be funny and cool mum.

I replied with: Potassium.

It shocked her. She laughed non-stop.

Hope she didnt show it to her friends, or they will think I am a nerd!!