Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Empty Nester Birthday Celebrations

You know how we always celebrate our children's birthdays?
So what happens when you have an empty nest and your child's birthday rolls around?
Well, I'm going to be in that position next year when my oldest goes away for her uni education.

We had a dry run of that situation this year with a friend of ours. She's here with her husband while her daughters are living in Australia, both in uni. 

She couldn't take leave to travel there to celebrate with her child. Neither could her child come over as the uni term was still on.

So being foodies, she decided that we still had to celebrate her daughter's (M) birthday. 

She invited a few good friends over, prepped dinner, I baked a cake and we had a dinner to celebrate M's birthday. 

Of course we didn't forget M during the celebrations. With the phone in hand, and on video mode, we sang happy birthday, sent M birthday greetings, cut the cake, had a good time and then sent the video over to M! 

We had a good time! And I'm sure M was glad we remembered her and celebrated her big day!

So, I foresee this is what I will have to do when my oldest goes away. Of course, it's nothing like being there with her to celebrate her day. But, I guess, we can't we too choosy when we don't have other choices. It sure beats sitting at home and moaning not being able to celebrate the birthday together. 

One year later

My now-not-so-little one has completed one full year of pamidronate infusions. This brave warrior has had the cannula inserted half a dozen times without squirm nor tears.

Mum is so proud of you D!!

Her BMD has improved, but not sufficient for her to go off it yet. As such, she will still be continuing with these infusions. Fortunately, apart from the severe abdominal pains she gets after her infusions, she has not suffered any other side effects to her kidney, liver or bladder. We have also finally managed to time her oral meds after her infusions so that her pains are managed. 

It appears to be a very slow process to increasing bone density. But shoulder on we will, To stronger bones! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Best remedy for Childhood Constipation (Satire)

By George! I think I have found the best remedy for constipation in school-going children!

It involves no pills, no prunes, no fruits, no juice. In fact, nothing to be consumed at all!!!
Seems like to good to be true but it works ALL the time for D.

Just give them ...






Try it and let me know if it works for your child too!!

Announcing that it's bedtime may work as well ;)