Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now who are you calling shorty?

You know how fast children grow? Many a times we don't realize it coz we see them everyday. It usually takes someone who hasn't seen them for awhile to draw our attention to it.

Well, this morning I woke up and found one of mine almost my height. It took me by surprise coz tho I see her everyday, I didn't realize it. But this morning as I walked to get my bag from the table , she was standing right by it when I thought she looked kind of tall. I then told her to stand right next to me, and all I can say is we are either the same height or I am maybe still half an inch taller!! ( or so I would like to believe!)

I am really not ready to be overtaken. She is not supposed to be this tall so fast. I only got to my height when I was probably 16 or 17, so why is she this height so fast? Mentally I have not prepared myself to be shorter than her .... yet. You see, I am not ready to be "looking up" to her. And you know, it's really difficult to tell someone taller than you what to do, what more to scold that person!!

HELP!! I better go get some high heels and get back to wearing them. Only problem is that I would probably have to be wearing 6 inch heels very very soon!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Waiting, waiting ...

Do you realise that we are waiting all the time.

We have to wait for almost everything.

Waiting for the traffic lights to change,
Waiting for a parking lot,
Waiting for the dough to rise before we can put it into the oven to bake.
Waiting for a table at the food centre at lunch hour,
Waiting at the doctors for your turn.

Recently I have noticed my kids tell , or rather constantly remind me that: Patience is a virtue.
Yes, I know that.

But I may be waiting more than many of you coz I spend quite a lot of time:

Waiting for my kids to get ready to send them to school,
Waiting for them at dismissal
Waiting for their enrichment / tuition / piano classes to end to bring them home,
Waiting for them to finish eating,
And this week, waiting for their exams to end so that I can breathe easier.

Is it any wonder that I have become more impatient considering all that waiting I have been doing?? Altogether now: Ommmmm ... to help me be more patient.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


That's the name of a burger joint at Vivo City in Singapore. It stands for Most Original burgers.

Well, we decided to check it out last Saturday.

And this is what we had:

We tried the cheesy beef fries (a side), the mushroom soup, the bulgolgi beef burger, the MOB full breakfast and the goodfellas (a trio of burgers). We had a choice of burgers for the goodfellas and we chose the classic cheese burger, the chicken teriyaki burger and the salmon burger.

Food was not bad, but not a place I would queue an hour for, nor would I be running back to it too soon. The cheesy beef fries was adequately beefy and cheesy which the children enjoyed a lot. The MOB breakfast came with a steak, a sausage, baked beans, a choice of eggs and 2 thick slices of focaccia bread, and was pretty good.

Service unfortunately could be improved. We were the only ones there at about 12 noon that day. And this was how it went:

Me: Excuse me, what's the soup of the day?

Waiter: Let me check it out for you.

Waiter: (comes back after 5 minutes and says) It's farmur soup. (He says it while trying to put on an ang moh accent)

Me: Sorry, what's that again?

Waiter: Farmur soup. (Still trying very hard to slang!)

M: What's farmur?

Waiter: We call it farmur soup, but it's a vegetable soup. There is carrots, and other types of vegetables in it.

Me: Oh, you mean Farmer soup. How is the soup made? Is it a clear soup or tomato based?

Waiter: Wait ah. I will go find out.

Waiter: (After another 5 minutes comes back and says) It is a cream based soup.

Sigh. Just speak plain english to me, and all waiters should be briefed on the specials before the shop opens!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rip off

Do you use spray starch when ironing.

Well, we do. We use The brand "Easy on". The other day, my helper informed me that we were out of it. I usually buy it when I go for grocery shopping at NTUC supermarket. But because she needed it that very day, and I was at Cold Storage (United Square), I decided to buy it there. When I saw the price of $4.35 for a cannister, I thought it was pretty expensive. But I couldnt remember what I paid for it at NTUC, so I bought one.

MIL had walked to the neighbourhood shop when I was at Cold storage. And when she chanced upon Easy on there, she decided to buy a cannister too as she remembered the helper had said we were out of it. She paid $2.85 for it.

We thought that the neighbourhood shop had priced it wrongly when we compared prices at home that evening.

The next day, being our regular grocery shopping day, we went to our regular NTUC supermarket. We decided to load up on Easy on. Guess how much it was? $2.05

Looks like the neighbourhood shop had not priced it wrong at all. I can understand when they price it a little higher than supermarts as they are more conveniently located and do not get to enjoy economies of scale as compared to the larger supermarket chains. I have always known that prices at Cold Storage supermarkets were higher. BUT to charge more than double for something?!? That is outrageous!!

I guess I will be boycotting Cold Storage for a while.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing or other interactive system, but rarely or never participates actively. - Source:Wikipedia It has been said that it is due to a lack of trust that results in this lurking behavoir. And according to Wiki,research indicates that "lurkers make up over 90% of online groups".

I am not sure how many lurkers there are over here. But I know there are quite a few lurkers amongst my friends on FB. They know everything we post, but they never post anything ... not even once in a long, long while, and neither do they comment. Their wall is completely blank, and neither do they chat. Which makes me wonder why they even bother to join these social networks. Just to "kaypoh" (busybody) around?

In a social setting, if you dont participate, your friends very soon will not include you in their social activities. So similarly, I have decided to now block my lurker friends from my FB postings :D

Not sure if its the right thing to do, but too bad. Guess I am in one of those moods.

So are YOU a lurker and lurking around here?? Say something!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There is a time and place for everything

Call me conservative, or anything you want, but I feel that there is a time and place for everything.

And I strongly feel that expletives are not to be used during formal convocation ceremonies, no matter how emotionally charged you may be.

I also feel that the NTU school of Communications obviously chose the wrong person to be class valedictorian. Maybe I am a bit harsh and unforgiving.

The article and her apology.

It really makes me wonder what's become of our young people nowadays. No doubt she apologised, but I feel it should never have even been said in the first place. Why the need to use expletives? Are you so proud of those words? Or are you so vocabulary challenged that you couldnt find another word to express your feelings. It makes me wonder about your upbringing. It reflects on you!!