Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The season of Lent will soon be upon us.

This year it starts on 5 March, which is one week away.

Lent is a 40 day period, in which Christians prepare for Easter. It is a penitential season marked by fasting. abstinence, prayer, and alms giving.

Every year, I abstain from meat on fridays during lent and I usually try to give up something I enjoy. So I am considering what to give up this year.

If it is something easy to do without, it doesnt become much of a sacrifice. So it has to hurt a bit for it to be meaningful.

Facebooking? Computer games? Chocolates? Desserts? What will it be?

I still have a week to decide.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Yes, I'm feeling Zen. Trying to feel Zen may better describe it.

No, I'm not upset. Trying to be calm, not scream, and act C.O.O.L.

Yes, she's late again. And getting later, and later by the day.

We used to leave home at 6.45am in the morning for school.

But that hasn't been the case for quite a while.

In fact, for the whole of last week, it was more like 7am.

Today, it was 7.10am.

I must learn to let it go ... about leaving late.

No doubt she doesn't start until 7.40am.

But I hate rushing. I hate dealing with traffic, which gets really heavy after 7am. I hate it when she is just-on time, I like her to be a little bit early (Read: she can settle herself down before the mad day starts!)  And I hate paying toll charges which kick in from 7.30 am for the route I like to take on my way home. Which is the shortest route.

But I do not like to start the day screaming at her to wake up.  I hate to start the day shouting for her to move it.  I hate to start the day and week on the wrong foot.

So what do I do? I pretend to be unaffected that she is late. I am Zen!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Size, it's a matter of opinion

Today, D came home from school and told me: Mum! We changed our sitting places in class.

Me: Oh! Where are you seated now?

D: I am seated in the middle of the class, but still in the front row.

Me: who are you sitting with?

D: I have a tiny little boy next to me.

Me: What is his name? And how small is he?

D: His name is Xxx. And he is slightly taller than me.

Me: He is taller than you and you call him tiny? 

D: Heehee! He is still tiny! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Exercise and weight loss

I have been trying to lose some pounds for some time now.

Walking, swimming, and watching my diet.

But none of it seemed to worked. Unless you consider losing half a kilo after 4 months.

A friend commented that that kind of difference was more like the result of a bowel movement :P

Even with the fitbit and walking 10,000 steps a day, The needle on the weighing scales hardly budged.

Someone commented that she expected me to have put on some weight after the year-end vacation and was surprised that I didnt.

Well, I'm glad that I the pounds didnt pile on despite the festive feastings, and year-end vacation. So maybe that in itself is an achievement.

Funnily, I lost 2 kg over the last two weeks and I didnt do a thing. I missed my morning walks, I didnt swim  nor do my taichi. And I ate as usual.

It's STRESS, I tell you. That's the way I lose weight. I only need something to worry me, upset me, and the pounds just shed! It's the weight carried by this brain of mine that works it for me.

Others, put on weight when stressed, but for me it has the opposite effect.

Not something to rejoice over though.