Monday, May 20, 2013

Exercise, exercise, exercise

That's what we have been trying to do more of.

For D, with the aim of building her bone mass, and for ourselves too!

Exercises are just not the same.

I used to walk a lot. 5 km or more 2 or 3 times a week.

But now it has changed to swimming.

No impact on the knees.

When I first started, I struggled to complete even 4 laps, though in my younger days, I used to do 20 laps almost everyday.

I can feel my stamina improving, coz I have no problem doing 5 continuous laps now.

And every visit, I try to do 10 laps, at a slow pace.

But this morning, a friend, whom I used to walk with, called for me to walk, and so I did.

We did our usual 5 km walk.

And at the end of the walk, I felt different.

I had no problem finishing the 5 km even though I haven't walked that distance for a long time, more than 6 months. I guess the stamina I built from swimming played a part.

I perspired, and it felt good. We never perspire when we swim.

But my legs are beginning to ache a little. Standing up after squatting takes a little effort.

Not sure if walking is a bad exercise due to the effects on my legs. But I like that sweating out bit!

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Scare

It's a horrible scare when you go for your mammogram, and the radiographer calls you in again, and then again to re-do it. Each time with a different mammo plate, and taking more shots than the first.

It's even worse when another radiographer comes in to help and she asks: Does the spot show up??

And then the nightmare begins as you have recently witnessed the battle of a family member's fight with breast cancer, and the wounds are still fresh.

BUT after 5 agonising days of praying, sleepless nights, all's well. *Sigh of relief*

Don't you wish they were more careful with their words.

Or even making an excuse for calling you back in?

No doubt cancer is very common nowadays. And breast cancer is one of the "better" cancers to get as the rate of recovery is higher than all other cancers when detected early. Nobody should have to experience what I did the past 5 days.

Praise the Lord!!