Thursday, November 13, 2014

World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day, and I am using this post to share the kindness that has touched D during this year.

Today also marks the end of another school year!

I do not usually send gifts to teachers at the end of the school year, but this year, I felt the need to. I felt obliged to thank the teachers, for their kindness, especially for helping D out during the year. Well, if you don't recall, she had a very strict and stern teacher who turned out to be one with a heart of gold  - (read She not only helped D out, she arranged for the other teachers to help D out too, on the days when she could not. In addition, she also arranged for D to have a special lift pass (the lift in the school is only for the use of teachers and visitors), which enabled D to use the lift when necessary. Her kindness astounds me!! A Big THANK YOU to Mrs T from the bottom of my heart.

Well, I sent in token gifts to the teachers with a card thanking them, and I received a reply from D's form teacher. She informed me that there were a few classmates who have been helping D out in school as well. This was something new to me, as D has never mentioned it to me at all.

When questioned, D said that a few of the girls helped her out with her bag when they had to bring it along when they were required to move around the school. Not something that happens much but occasionally. These were girls whom I seldom hear D talk about. I asked D if these girls knew about her medical condition, and she replied that she hadn't personally told  these girls at all. She has only shared about her medical condition with a few close friends. And these girls, were not from her Primary 1 class, who knows about her condition as the teacher then had told them about it. These girls are not the biggest girls (in size) in class, but definitely those with the biggest hearts. To these girls a BIG Thank you too!! For your kindness, which surpasses my expectations.

We frequently read about horrible events on social media, but be assured, the world is still full of many people with BIG hearts.

Remember it may be only a small deed for you, but you never know how big it is to the recipient.

Try a little kindness ... and pay it forward!

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