Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Organic produce

Was at the supermart last sunday buying stuff for my cook out. Told my daughter that I wanted russet potatoes and she picked up a (two?) kilo bag. Saw the price tag on it - $18.80!! Told her to put it right back as it was too expensive!

Realised that it was organic russet potatoes. Decided to settle on the "normal" russet potatoes which cost $3.20 for a 3 kilo bag.

The price differential was just too huge for me to go organic. I do occasionally buy organic - things like blueberries, peaches, apples and oats.

I read somewhere that we should be smart when deciding when to buy organic if we are on a budget. Things like avocados and onions - there is no need to buy organic as the pesticide penetration rate is very low. For the foodstuff where we eat the skin and all (like peaches, blueberries), do go organic if you can afford it.

Not sure which category potatoes fell into. But reckoned that since we dont eat the potato skins at my home, it was alright not to go organic to save some money.

Do you buy organic??


Constance Chan said...

i don't buy organic because of health reasons but sometimes just to enjoy their natural flavours for some products only. Still it is just an occasional item like some asparagus, or green veg for salad.

i love to get hydrophonics cos they are rid of soil and i have this feeling that the veg is pesticide free.. especially the spinach, which i buy often for the kids.

sometimes i see organic dry products that i do buy, like flour and oat. these last a longer time and i really can't tell the difference but they just give me a security feeling of goodness.

Bkworm said...

The only organic produce I buy are vegetables. Somehow, they look a lot better than the skinny ones I see in the general section of the supermart. But, nutrient wise, I don't really know if they are better than the non-organic ones. :(

bp said...

I bought some organic corn chips the other day, because they make for a healthier snack, don't they? ;p

But agree because of the great price difference -- and organic meat especially can be so pricey -- I still just shop at the regular supermarkets, rather than the organic ones for which there are a few here.

Stardust said...

Some organic stuff at my place ain't all that expensive! The difference is probably less than 10%? I'll go for them; like spinach, spring onion and other greens. =) There are no organic fruits here though.

TripleJin said...

hee hee..i'm trying to grow it myself....i guess that's organic. But I wudn't buy la....for economic reasons.