Thursday, May 8, 2008

Motivation for Mums

I have this feed to my blog that is called Motivation for Mums. Not sure if anyone has noticed it. I think it dishes out very sound christian advice for mums, and I realy look forward to reading it everyday.

Many a times we are too busy with our lives that we forget the basics, or we are too "old school" that we dont realise that doing something small can mean a lot to the children.

Just yesterday it said:
Never forget to tell your children you’re proud of them. Don’t assume that they already know how you feel.

That's something people from the "old school" would never do. But when we do it, it really boosts the child's self confidence! Those from the "old school" would never say that to their children coz they think that the child would get swell headed and too big for their boots. I grew up in a home full of criticism. My parents were very "old school", criticisms they dished out a dime a dozen, but praises were never heard. Being the youngest, my two older siblings hated me. It didnt help that I was pretty good at my work too (survival instincts!!). They always thought that my parents favoured me, so they always criticised me. I never felt proud of any of my achievements until I started work, when I was amply rewarded for my "good work" via bonuses and increments, and pat-on-the-backs by my bosses.

Looking back, I think, my parents were proud of me when I was young, but never said it for fear of antagonising their other two kids. So, we should always tell our kids that we are proud of them. Dont let them wait for years to realise it (like me). It can do wonders to motivate them!!


stay-at-home mum said...
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Yan said...

It took me years to tell Rachel that I am proud of her too. When I did, the whole world changed!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Stardust
Thanks for sharing!!

bp said...

Thanks for the reminder, and yes, I noticed that nice motivational message awhile back, and thinking of putting it on my blog too!

I understand what you mean that our own parents from the old school were less hesitant to praise, and as kids, it wasn't easy for us to see beyond that to still think we were good enough. Been there, knows how not-so-great that can feel... so totally agree with you that giving our own kids a pat on their back can do wonders to boost their self-esteem! =)

Ydiana said...

Just to share... My parents were no different those days, but there was a day when my mom actually praised me, and from then on, I realised that I was an almost a new person with lots of self confidence and happier towards life, when I actually have quite a few shortcomings that I'm not too happy about. Praise works...