Friday, May 9, 2008

Macho Man

All little children like stickers. The boys like to go for the power rangers and the pokemon types, whilst the girls tend to favour the disney princess and strawberry shortcake ones.

Little D is no different. She can't resist stickers when she sees them. However, she does not keep them for herself nor stick them on her cupboard, like my son does. She gives them out. When she gets new stickers, she will go around telling everyone (Me, hubby, big brother, sister and everyone else around) that if we are good, she will give us each a sticker. She would then expect us to wear it on our shirts, never mind what we were wearing or where we were going.

Well, the other day, her aunty gave her some new strawberry shortcake stickers, and as usual she promised us our stickers. After lunch, she changed her mind about giving me one as she had given me one the day before (or maybe I wasnt as good as she thought I should have been). Instead she decided to give a big one to her Papa. Papa tried to convince her that I deserved it more than him (He was on his way out and would have preferred not to be caught wearing a strawberry shortcake sticker on his shirt). But, no, she insisted that Papa had to have the BIG sticker, and she proudly stuck it on the sleeve of his shirt.

Hubby had no choice but to accept it, and wear it out with him. So, if you ever do see a big man, with a girly sticker on his shirt, remember, that is the badge of a true father - not at all embarrased to wear girly stickers, just for the sake of his little girl! A real macho man!!


Stardust said...

This is such a cute post. =) I agree with you it takes a real macho man to accede to such request. ;)

Yan said...

It's really, really inspiring! I love it. Next time, if I see a big man with some cute stickers or girly decorations, I will look at him differently!

Thanks for sharing.

Can I put a new link to my blog?

Iml said...

A doting father he is

bp said...

Hahaha! So sweet of your husband... but how to say no to cutie-pie D, yah? =)

I ask the same Q as Yan... when you're ready to be "publicly" listed, pl let us know. Thanks! Aw, this feels like good old times again! I always feel so at home on your blog! =)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp and Yan
No this is not really that secret, feel free to link if you want.

Little D is really daddy's girl.