Friday, May 9, 2008

Book week 2008

Yes, it was Book Week again in Little D's school. She went as Snow White. We were teasing her at home as to where her Prince Charming was.

And guess what? When she went to school, her Prince Charming was there waiting for her .... the most handsome boy in her class!!! Woweee! But a pirate was also there, trying to separate Snow White from her Prince Charming

The Lion from the Wizard of Oz was lost and came wondering into Little D's class:

Little Mermaid (with mermum)

and a little Sushi Chef as well!

All the kids (and teachers) had loads of fun dressing up!! Next year, I will join them and dress up too!!

As part of Book week, I brought my kids to the National Library. Daughter S, chose a book for Little D. It was entitled Monster Mama by Liz Rosenberg.

Here is the publisher's review of the book:
Patrick Edward's mother is a monster--literally. An impish-faced woman experiencing a decidedly bad hair day and needing a manicure, ``Monster Mama'' lives in a cave behind the family house. In addition to her roaring and spell-casting skills, this unique parent bakes cookies, drives Patrick Edward to school in bad weather and nurses him with ``the sweetest touch in the world'' when he is feeling poorly. But when three bullies ruffle Patrick Edward's feathers with a crack about Mama, the boy gets his chance to prove he's his mother's son--roar and all. Rosenberg creates a light mood with her matter-of-fact description of strange circumstances. Any thrill here is derived from curiosity rather than gruesomeness, and youngsters will find comfort in the oddly tender mother-child relationship that permeates the story.

I asked S the reason for selecting that book and whether she thought I was a Monster Mum, and she replied: Yes, you are so fierce to us and Mei Mei too! Then I asked her if she had read the ending of the book and whether she really knew what the book was getting at? She smiled sheepishly. I then said: Yes, I am Monster Mum. If you read carefully, she was a monster only because she wanted the best for her son. But she came to help him out when he needed it. And she did all that because she loved her son!!

A very well chosen story, I must say! But then again, Am I such a Monster??

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bp said...

D looks so pretty! Must have been a fun time dressing up for the kids and parents... yeah, next year, you have to ask someone to take a picture of you and D! =)

Haha, SAHM, I'm sure S meant you are a montrously good mom, the best ever!!!