Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Here a song entitled Mother of Mine (By Jimmy Osmond) to share with you this Mother's Day:

Mother of mine
You gave to me all of my life
To do as I please
I owe everything I have to you
Mother, sweet mother of mine
Mother of mine when
I was young
You showed me
The right way things
Should be done
Without your love,
Where would I be?
Mother, sweet mother of mine

Mother, you gave me
Happiness much more
Than words can say
I pray the Lord that
He may bless you
Every night and every day

Mother of mine
Now I am grown
And I can walk straight
All on my own
I'd like to give you
What you gave to me
Mother, sweet mother of mine (x2)

On this mother's day, we remember our mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, and others who have "mothered" us during our life. They did the best that they could, to bring out the best in us, to the best of their ability. Some more successful than the rest, but all great Mother's nonetheless.

To all my fellow blogger mums, esp: Bkworm, BP, Ling, Yan, Mott, Jomel, IML, Mumsgather, Jo-N, Sweetiepie, Judy Leese, Kopi Soh, ecl, Nomadic mom, Just me, and Constance Chan - Happy Mother's day - you are all fantastic mums!!


Iml said...

HappY MotheR's DaY!!
Must be a few kilos heavier tonight after all the chocolate, cakes and buffet :)

bp said...

*Jumping for joy* found you, found you!!!

Not too late (going by your "quicker" time on your side of the globe ;p) to wish you A VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, SAHM!!!

Thanks for being such a great MOM to your kids, and such a great FRIEND to me and everyone!


JO-N said...

I'm late again but hope you had a wonderful day.