Sunday, May 25, 2008

My kids and A wedding

My kids have not been to many weddings as not many of my friends or rellies are of the marriageable age.

On friday night, after I came home from a meeting at school, Little D came running to me with a BIG smile on her face: Mummy, Aunty L is getting married tomorrow! Can I go for the wedding??

That comment really made me laugh coz Aunty L, who works for FIL, is 58 years old, and FIL's longest serving employee. She wasnt getting married, but her son was. Was not planning to bring Little D, even though the whole family was invited, coz, you know, wedding dinners start sooooo late and she was likely to be tired even before the dinner started. But it looks like MIL had already done her bit to share the news with Little D and that sure got her all excited and wanting to go. So, last night, saw us all at the wedding dinner.

Since everyone was all dressed up, I thought it would be good to take some photos of the kids. But as usual, N refused to smile for the camera. Took a couple of shots and he either had a frown or a goofy look on his face! Sigh!

Before the dinner started, they showed a montage of the bride and groom's photos which included photos taken during their younger days. N, commented that the groom looked nerdy in one of the pics, which gave me the opppotunity to tell him: N, you better smile nicely for your photos. If not, when you get married, I will have no nice photos to use for your video.

When the wedding couple came out, Little D was all excited, as all little girls are when they see the bride. She was so captivated by the bride's beautiful gown. As we were seated quite far away, I asked her if she could see? And she said: Yes, I can see the bride with the prince.

Huh? Prince? She thought the groom was the prince. You know how we always talk about the bride at weddings, and the groom is the poor unnoticed one? I realised that we had never used the word "groom" nor explained it to her before!! The groom will be most pleased to find out that he was called a prince!

During the dinner, a video of the morning's events was also shown. When it came to the tea ceremony, N commented: How come they are serving tea to so many old people. You mean they went to an old folk's home for their wedding?

That really cracked us all up!! He did not realise that those old people were all the rellies of the bride and groom!!

Must say that I had no regrets bringing them all to the wedding coz they managed to learn a thing or two there!!


TripleJin said...

HA HA HA..this is soo cute!

I like the part u told N to smile...or u'll have no nice photos for his vid! I wonder in future if such 'presentations' wud be still around!


GarGies said...

Good idea! I'll tell that to my eldest son too. What is it with boys? Can't smile for the camera? hmm..

The remarks are really cute. That's the thing which only children can do to make the adults laugh.

Iml said...

We need children to lighten and enlighten us!!
In all their innocence, children sees situations the angle that we adults would never thought of.