Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Kitchen and Me

Do you love to potter around in the kitchen? I love it!! I love it for the lovely smells and food that comes out of it.

Unfortunately, I do not get to spend as much time as I love to in it. As a child, I loved to play "masak masak". In school, I even offered food and nutrition for my 'O' levels. I had a mum that did not like us kids messing around in her kitchen. She found us to be obstacles in her way, and she wasnt very encouraging when we helped her out. So, I ended up spending a lot of time on the kitchen stool just observing her.

When I lived in New York, I used to cook up a storm. With nothing much to do during the day, I would try out various recipes, anything to satisfy my cravings for Singapore food. The beneficiaries were all those Singaporean singles that were working in hubby's office. They were frequently invited to help us finish the food I cooked. During our stint there, hubby put on 30 pounds!!

My MIL, on the other hand is an "iron chef", and because of my busy schedule with my kids, I am really grateful that I have nice warm meals waiting for me and my kids everyday, without having to spend much time in the kitchen. With an MIL that is such an excellent cook, I hardly venture into the kitchen, as I kind of feel intimidated. Without much practice, what I dish out is nothing compared to her sometimes very simple cooking. Fortunately, she only cooks chinese food.

Once in a while, I get "invited" to cook in her kitchen. And when I do, I make sure I cook something she doesnt, so that there is no basis of comparison!! Sometimes I will make a sukiyaki, other times a western meal or if it is chinese, then it will have to be something she doesnt make. Many a times, I like to bake coz that is something she doesnt do.

Last Saturday, I was given the opportunity to cook again. Hubby suggested a BBQ as, I guess, he was in the mood for steaks. However, my son was at a chess tournament, and they were not back in time to start up the BBQ, and I was in no mood to set it up. So, this is what I dished out:
Salad with apple vinagerette
Spaghetti alio olio (spaghetti in garlic infused olive oil with chilli and bacon bits)
Roast potatoes, grilled corn and roast pumpkin
Grilled beef
Grilled duck breast.
(Sorry, no photos!!)

I did not have time to make a dessert, so the kids had some jelly(agar=agar) that was in the fridge!

I hope I get invited back to the her kitchen again sometime soon!


just me said...

Whay a yummy menu!

bp said...

Wow, that's a lot of food you made for one evening! And dinner must be v yum when mommy cooks, not just grandma the iron chef!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp
That meal was for 14 people that included 6 kids!!