Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A new Month, A new blog

Welcome to my new blog. Guess, I was really impulsive about wanting to close off the old one. So since I said I was closing it, I guess it is now officially closed. Now a new blog is born.

Why? Because some of you (read: sifu, machik, kawan baik and other bloggers) felt I should continue blogging. So here I am. Honestly, withdrawal symthoms, too! Just like an addiction. So many things I want to write about, but since I closed the old, and with no where to rant, mumble, grumble, muse, destress, etc, starting a new blog was a logical step, right?

Also, I have noticed that succesful authors always have sequels to their books. Guess I have been reading too much chick lit. So, "dreaming", "imagining", "hallucinating" I am a equally famous, (LOL) now I have a sequel to my blog.

Why call it a Secret Diary? Well, I was reading this book entitled Secret Diary of A Demented Mum and I felt so one with her in some areas - but sure hope I am not demented!! So decided to call the new blog secret diary, coz dont think everyone will find it. Also, trying to see how long before others stumble on it. Even if they dont, then it can remain my secret, and maybe others wont complain so much about my writing. Great idea, huh??

So, a new month, a new look, and a warm welcome to this new blog!!


Stardust said...

Yoohoo! I've just arrived! Oh, am I the first? I'm so honoured! =D

Here's a great pot of electronic Orchids for your grand blog opening. Take it, it's within the bracket ( Y ). Hehehe...

Looking forward to your new sharing with this new start. Keep on sharing!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Stardust,
You are #1!! and thanks for the lovely orchids (LOL!).

TripleJin said...

OH!!! NOW I get it!!!

I was wondering WHAT SAHM was talking about..I thought I was reading it wrongly!!

HA HA HA!!! Congrats on this new blog..will this blog be open to invited readers only? If so, don't forget me yea!


stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mott
glad you found me!!. welcome!

bp said...

And a warm welcome back to blogging, it's just not the same without your updates! THANK YOU for making this nice new move, and like your new layout, too!

Demented, um, hopefully none of us is... hehe, but YEAH, this one's gonna be a top-selling sequel!!!

JO-N said...

A cool sequel. I was so blur but glad you guided me here. Yoo-hoo, SAHM is back!

Ling That's Me said...

I am here finally !! not until u drop a hint. haha .... but it's easy to locate the new blog as u disclose it in your profile. hehe :P so as long pple read ur profile, there will find u here.

so happy that you continue to blog again ! :)

GarGies said...

I found it! I found it! Jeez... am I the last?

Thanks for dropping a note now and then on my blog. I guess no bloggers like to have 0 comments, like talking to a wall! Though it's for ranting purposes at times, it's good to hear the "wall" feedback on and off too!