Friday, May 23, 2008

Flowers from my garden

If you have been reading the blogs by bp and stardust, you would have seen lots of beautiful flowers from their gardens as well as the parks that they have been visiting. It's spring where they are, and its spring that brings the most beautiful flowers. I too, want to share with you and them what I have in my garden:

These are the red torch ginger flowers. The very same ones where the stems are used when making rojak (a local salad with shrimp paste).

They make a very attractive and unusal bouquet when put in a vase.

The weather here has been unbearably hot this past fortnight, with highs of 34C almost every day and night. And guess what? The bougainvillas bloom especially well when the weather is really hot.

Here are the flowers from the red frangipani tree. I love that deep red colour.

And, my favourite:
I dont know what these are called but they bloom only in the mornings. They seem to be standing up and waving at me! And that brightens my day!

I hope I brightened yours too!! Have a great weekend!


Ling That's Me said...

wow, the flowers are so nice! ur house must be very brighten up with such lovely bloom :)

Stardust said...

What a lovely sharing this is, flowers make my knees weak! I miss Bougainvillea, and fragrance of Frangipani so much! The sight of them makes me think of Sg...

And my favourite... is yours!! I adore the dainty yellow blooms, fresh looking and easy on my eyes. What a lovely garden God has blessed you with! =D

Can I hug you for this? HUGS... Have a great weekend.

JoMel said...

you know how some people say that they are a water baby cos' they love being in the water? Well, I am a flower baby!! I love flowers... and I love the colour of your frangipani.. pinkish red.. so lovely!!

And those yellow flowers, reminds me of the colour of daffodils!

You have a lovely garden! :)

TripleJin said...

I love flowers blooming naturally in gardens! I don't really like plucked ones!

Thanks for sharing..I miss them bouganvillaes!


Yan said...

The picture of the flowers from the red frangipani tree is very well-composed, Was it not just like yesterday that you wrote you are "camera-shy". And now, you have super pictures! yay!

bp said...

Ahhh, so lovely your perfumed garden! Thanks for sharing!

*stops and smells flower after flower*