Monday, June 8, 2009

What a week!

Ever had a week go by, and you had that feeling that you didnt achieve anything?

Well, a week of the children's school vacation has now gone by. But for me, it was a full week! I just cant believe how much we have done during this past one week!!

Eldest attended a full day CPR course as well as spent a day with her friends from primary school.

My son had 3 school soccer practices - half a day each, 2 mandarin tuition classes (no more for the hols, as the tutor is now on vacation!), and had his friends over for a full day play date (see earlier post).

Little D spent a day at school - fulfilling her minimum one day requirement in the month so that I can claim a child care subsidy.

Little D and I spent a whole day by the pool with her friends.

All 3 kids also went for their usual music classes, and have finished their vacation homework given by the school.

We caught 2 movies (Monsters vs ALien, Night at the Museum).

We cleared out and repacked our external storage facility (for our litle business).

Had an early father's day celebration for FIL (More on that later.)

Booked our vacation, including do internet searches on where to stay, and what to do there.

A few visits to the mall for vacation supplies.

I managed to baked thrice this past week!

Even hubby had a night out with the boys!!

Boy! This is going to be a hard week to beat. I think we may have to take it slow or we will need another break after the school break to recover from it!


iml said...

Interesting/exciting & fun activities during the holidays is a good break from the mundane routine.

Stardust said...

And it's all fruitful, isn't it? ;)

About the bees, they must be from your garden lah. hehe! I'm glad that you're making it a welcoming place for the bees. ;) Good job!

JoMel said...

gosh! It's amazing how versatile we mummies are, aren't we? Throw us lemons, we'll make lemonade! I hope you'll have a great week this week. Enjoy the rest of the break, whatever that's left of it. :)