Monday, June 22, 2009

1st time

Yes, I achieved a 1st!! I cooked a complete meal, all on my own for our group of friends last friday.

Everytime when we have guests, I will either buy food, cater, or cook some, buy some or have someone help me out with some of the cooking ... usually my MIL, who btw, is an excellent cook.

Well MIL is away on vacation, and hubby had invited some friends over for dinner. Thot long and hard over what to do.

Here's the menu (soory no pics as I was too busy cooking, and forgot all about photo-taking):
For starters, I did a dish which we had eaten at an Italian restaurant which hubby and the kids enjoyed. Pan fried Parma ham with mozarella. This came out soo yummy!

Others dishes which we had that night were: a sheperd's pie (made all from scratch!!), a pasta with mushrooms, roast chicken, a salad, grilled pineapple with cinnamon (which I knew one of our friends loved eating!), and for dessert, oreo cheesecake (which was made the day before)and a cheese platter.

And I managed to start my cooking at 3pm, with breaks in between, and finished everything in good time just as the guests arrived!! Must say, I was a bit concerned at first how everything would go, but must say it turned out well. I chose things which I knew I could do, and was unlikely to go terribly wrong, I guess.

Dont believe it - A complete meal for a group of 8, all by myself!! and I managed to enjoy the evening with a nice glass of wine, chit chat, gossips, etc. And the best part, they said they thoroughly enjoyed the meal!! (Trust they werent just being polite!)

Sooooo pleased!! *pats self on back* - Like they say, you never know until you try!


Stardust said...

Pat pat! ;) That's truly well done! I'll probably panick if I have 8 guests coming my way! Gasp! Parma ham with mazarella sounds yummy and easy. Will you be sharing the recipe?

iml said...

Truly remarkable. For the hardwork, you deserve to pamper yourself with a relaxing spa indulgence!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Stardust

Oh, that was really easy. Just wrap shaved parma ham over mozerella cheese (about 2 to 3 layers) and then pan-fry until ham is crisp (watch the fire or the cheese will all ooze out!) Ta-da!!

hi iml
well said. Dont know why but I got up aching all over this morning, and truly feel the need for the kinks in my back to be ironed out!!

TripleJin said...

Yayyyy!!! It all sounds delish!!!

Pity no pictures...but hvg a good time, with a nice glass of wine sounds divine!!