Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eggs and Me

When I was young, my dad used to make breakfast for us kids whilst my mum slept in. He loved making eggs, so we were usually served half boiled eggs or omeletes for breakfast.

I guess when I was young, I wasnt much of a morning person, and being forced to eat up my breakfast gave me an aversion to eggs. So uptil today, I tend to avoid eggs, done any way, at any meal.

The only time I seem to eat eggs is when I am on holiday ... dont ask me why. The omeletes served at hotel buffets are the only eggs thats appeal to me. Maybe its becoz I am on vacation!!

So here's what I had for breakfast during my recent vacation:

Sausages with hash browns

Sausage with hash browns and my favourite ham tomato and cheese omelete

And after having too many omeletes on too many days, this was how I felt. So, we ended up keeping the buns for the fishes in the pond.

And this is what my children's faces looked like when I told them not to play with their food. Their reply was: But Mum, you played with your food!!

Guess I did!!


iml said...

Never an egg lover except if the white is firm and the yolk custard nearly melting.

Yan said...

I am an egg lover - can live on eggs alone! Ha, ha!

No matter how you cook. Best days are days in the chicken farm in my young days! We will wait for the hens to lay the eggs, and "stole" and cook them! My younger brother was brave - he would grab the still warm egg, and knock and ate it up! Yup!

Very creative ways of "playing" with food!

TripleJin said...

Ohh..I'm completely opposite. I love eggs any which way...

Especially when I'm at a hotel!!!

Blessed mum said...

same here..not an egg lover too!

and i like their innocent cute answer to mommy!

JoMel said...

I used to love half-boiled eggs, but don't know what happened, I just cannot stomach them now. Otherwise I love hard-boiled and omelettes. My kids watch the husband remove the yolks whenever he consumes eggs, and they imitate (even the two girls who used to love eggs, yolks and all!), so I have to force them to eat the whole thing. Funny these children. Monkey see monkey do! hahaha..