Friday, June 19, 2009

No fun here

Dont know if you fellow mums do it, or is it just me!!

Everytime my kids start playing, I will stop their fun after a little while. Why? because I know that if I dont, very soon, someone will start crying ..... and its usually one of the younger two.

It seems that, even tho they are having fun, it always gets out of hand. Someone will end up hurt (ie falling, or knocking themself) or the playing gets too much for one of them to take it (too much teasing, too many pranks targetted at one, or ganging up against one, or something along those lines!)

And I simply hate it when there is fighting, squabbling or crying! So even before that can happen, I always tell them to wind down, cut it out, or take a break.

To them: I am stopping their fun. But if I dont, inevitably, one of the above happens, and I hate it. I will get so upset, and then my "verbal diarrhoea" will start!!

Is it me or is it the kids? Does it happen to you too? You think I should continue what I am doing and stop their fun?


TripleJin said...


At the start of each play, I'd yell.."If anyone of you get hurt becoz of playing...don't come running to me. I'm NOT going to help you!"


Yan said...

This is different scenario, but might be useful. Rach and Chris used to fight a lot - yes, fighting in real sense. One day, I shared this pain with a friend. He told me to tell this to the children. Make sure to tell only when the time is right. Time is right means like we are having some family fun, not during a fight or right after a fight. Now, here it goes...

There are only two of you. Mummy and daddy would not be able to take care of you all the times. When mummy and daddy leave, all you have is each other. You have to take care of each other. Or, do you want (so and so) to take care of you?

(clue: this so and so must be someone whom is very bossy, very mean, someone they don't like)

It works - from that day on they live happily together!

iml said...

At 18 and 11 both girls still have their fair share of disagreements in the midst of anything. Playing monopoly, if eldest has too many houses, youngest pout then cry when she lands on eldest's property. When deciding to watch a DVD youngest will complain why she has to give in, forgetting all the times when eldest showers her with knickknacks and snacks.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mott
I have done that, but it doesnt help.

Hi Yan

I have told them that story before, the older two that is. About how united we stand, divided we fall. Etc, but soemtimes, its the little one that gives the problem. Also, ermm ... in my case, I am the bossy and mean one. How? What happens if they go "Yippy!!" coz no one can be more mean than me??

Hi iml
You think its becoz we tend to protect the youngest most? Usually telling the older ones to give in to them and as a result they play it to their advantage?

iml said...

I believe so. When the situation is right, I too tell the children what yan told her children. I guess, it takes alot more growing up and maturity before they can understand this. So meanwhile, it's back to honing their skill of negotiation with their siblings.

Rose said...

I dont have much comment, because at the moment I only have 1 kid.

But I remember that when I was young, my mum will tend to let me and my siblings play. And usually end up one of us crying and hurt. And of course, whether I am at fault or not, I being the eldest, will get the scolding.... :p

But I guess, kids being kids, let them have fun! They are only kids once in lifetime, so let them be kids and have fun! :)