Friday, June 5, 2009

Baking and me!

I told myself I was going to slow down on my baking. I have been baking too much recently.

When my daughter met with her old school mates, I baked for her to bring. When a group of us mothers met for a chit chat, I baked. When Little D's classs had their End of term party, I baked. Every time there was a gathering, I was baking! Even when I was feeling bored, I baked. I was baking practically every other day this past fortnight!

I shared recipes with friends, and when the feedback they gave was that my recipes worked well, it made me want to bake even more. When I gave home-made cookies and cakes to friends who dont bake, and they come back to say that they enjoyed it, it sure made my day, and I wanted to take out my apron and bake again for them on the spot. This afternoon, I made more cookies.

At the rate I am going, I may be ready for a second career, an industrial size oven ... and a bigger pair of jeans!


Charming said...

Keep up the good work. I am sure everyone is enjoying the fruits of your labour.

JoMel said...

(Referring to your last statement) And That is why my oven seems to have grown cold lately. I don't want bigger jeans, thank you. :)

iml said...

It's worth it. Your children/family/friends will remember you best for all the delicious yummies. Ever tried a matcha red bean cake? Just made one this morning. Will let you know how it turn out. Guess, both of us are doing the same thing in our spare time.

Stardust said...

Hey I enjoy baking tremendously too, but hmm... I don't want a bigger jeans either!!! Mine is BIG enough!! =P WAHAHAHAH!