Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun day for the boys!

Last thursday, my son had 4 friends over for some holiday fun. I limited the number of friends he could have over, as I wasnt sure I could cope with too many boys, but on retrospect, I think I could have coped with more.

His 1st friend came at 8.30am, (tho' our invitation said 10) and the last boy went home at 6.30pm! So how did the 10 hours go? This was how it was spent: Wii, xbox, soccer, xbox, wii, lunch, xbox, soccer, wii, xbox, soccer, xbox!! They took turns to play, and whilst waiting for their turns some occupied themselves with the PSP!

And of course, they had their toilet breaks, drinks and chips in between! For them - it was the best day ever!!

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