Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Early Fathers day celebration

We celebrated Father's day early as we my FIL would be travelling during the Father's day weekend.

We brought him to St Pierre, a french restaurant, located at Central Mall on Magazine road, that he had indicated some time back that he would like to try. This restaurant is one of the more popular ones in Singapore. At its peak, it was not easy getting a table. We booked for a dinner on a Thursday night, as we didnt want to rush with the weeekend and friday night crowds. But on the night we were there, apart from us, there was only one other table. Very quiet, but unusual for it to be sooo quiet at St Pierre, I thought. I guess the "expense account crowd" are no longer out there living it up!

This was what I had
Classique Foie Gras - Didnt capture a shot of this dish, as I couldnt to tuck into it. It was sooo good. Little D, had a bite, and enjoyed it too. S loved it, but N refused to even try it.

Kurobuta Pork with Pig Skin

This dish came out very Asian - exactly like the Roast Pork we get from the char siew rice stalls, and with Aian veggies on top of that. BUT look at the pig skin:

It was done beautifully, and tasted just like a crisp "keropok"!

And for dessert, I had Stroobant's famous choclate cake.

The food was generally good, but I must say, not as good as it was previously.


Stardust said...

Looks like a rich celebration out there, I'm sure your FIL is pleased and feels blessed.

I'll be happy to just celebrate Father's day at SG. Miss dad.

iml said...

Presentation looks too good to eat!

JoMel said...

food glorious food!!

Heard you met up with Yan. You gals must have had such fun getting to know each other. :)