Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ungracious behavoir

My kids are very cautious on the escalator, as I always tell them that they have to be careful, and not to run the risk of falling, coz they will hurt themselves badly on those moving stairs. And playing on or near the escalators? No way! Over my dead body!!

This happened about a month ago. We had just finished lunch one saturday and were on our way to the carpark at a major shopping mall on Orchard road. I was helping little D onto the escalator holding her hand. What I usually do is hold her hand and tell her to step. And after she does, then I will step on the escalator, a split second later.

That day, she took a while longer than expected to step on the escalator. I had said "step" to her probably two times, but she had hesitated. Then I heard someone come behind me and say: "EXCUSE ME!" (In a very loud voice). I quickly said "step" in a very authoratative voice, and pulled little D onto the escalator. Once on the escalator, I quickly moved to the side, so that the owner of the "EXCUSE ME!" could pass, since I reckoned that he must have been in a hurry. (I am the sort that is very mindful of others on the esalator - I will keep left so that others can pass.)

You know what? He just stood there behind me and didnt even pass. Hubby was a bit cheesed off and asked him if he didnt see that I was helping a child onto the escalator, and if he was in a hurry and wanted to pass, he could do so now. He was so rude and answered, something to the effect that it was none of his business! (Cant remember his exact words).

"Of course it's my business, that's my wife and child", hubby told him. But he still stayed where he was on the step behind me all the way down, browsing thru his shopping bags, and mumbling about people (me??) blocking him.

What do you think prompted that very loud "EXCUSE ME!"?

Impatience? - But could he not see that I was helping a child. I am very sure he was not blind. And he was behind me for less than 3 seconds!

I believe its this self importance thingey. There should not be anyone in almighty's way when he tries to get on the escalator. Never mind who you are, who you are with, or what your needs are - if you are in my way, I have the right to get you out of my way NOW!

Anyway, I told Hubby to let it pass - no point talking or trying to reason with this type of people.Mind you, from the way he spoke, he was not an uneducated man, and he drove a Merc. So probably someone who is fairly successful in life - bank account wise only, I think! (sorry I couldnt resist that!)

I think its so sad that Singaporeans have become like that ~ No consideration for others. No wonder they have to re-introduce the coutesy/thank you for being gracious campaign. A society has not progressed if the people still behave like cavemen! We can never be considered a developed country if the behavoir of the people are not!!


Stardust said...

Tsk. That man is awful. But think again, there's good guys like BS too. ;)

I hope that your back pain is subsiding. Could too much activities be the cause for it? Please take care.

JoMel said...

Oh my goodness! Which planet did this man hail from? So rude and inconsiderate! I would have given him a BIG piece of my mind if I were there! We should really feel sorry for his soul.

TripleJin said...

It's just not SGP. It's everywhere ~ ungraciousness..

NomadicMom said...

Some people are just so rude and impatient. Or maybe self-centered, ie. everybody must put him first. Regardless whether you have a child or not....

doc said...

this doesn't apply to all, right? don't forget BS from a previous post with his sweet gesture.

stay-at-home mum said...

Guess it takes all kinds to make a world!

apek said...

a society like Spore is so highly of themselves esp. they thought they r well educated in English or western cultures but many have found out it is rotting away nowadays! So snobbish shall i put it! it is sad you experienced that but it is nothing unusual in this world what we chinese used to say

"A type of white rice feeds a thousand types of characters ppl, rite"

Take care ..