Friday, June 12, 2009

Korea 201

Following our last visit to get our children more familiar with Korean food, we have ventured out to try another Korean restaurant in preparation for a future trip to Korea.

This time we brought the children to HanSang at #03-03 Novena Square 2. This place was highly recommended by a friend as well as our children's music teacher.

This is what we had:

Beef bulgolgi. The younger two had this.

Hotpot Set

Bbam Sap set (or it is called something like this). This dish comprised brown rice balls in lettuce, served with a choice of beef, chicken or pork. A dish for the health conscious!

Sundubu - chigae (silken toufu with seafood in a spicy broth). Must say this dish is quite an appetite stimulator, as the spicy broth was hmmmmm ... so delicious, I slurped up the whole bowl.

Rice with Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Carrot, red date, and pancake.

And of course the Condiments which always accompanies a Korean meal which included kimchi, spinach, a bean sprout look alike, amongst others. We were earlier served an appetiser which included a potato salad, an "ikan bilis" dish as well as some red/black beans.

I must say we really enjoyed the food, and it was reasonably priced, each set being $16 or less. The service was good despite the restaurant being fairly crowded. We were told that a reservation was absolutely necessary if we were considering having dinner there.

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