Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Such a sweet gesture!!

The other evening when we had our friends over for dinner, an originally "uninvited" guest joined us. Well, he wasnt invited for dinner, but some of those present were talking about him during dinner, and since he lived just round the corner from my home, they called him and asked if he would like to join us for some after-dinner drinks.

Well, to cut a long story short - he came. Met him for the 1st time.

The next day, he called my husband to ask for my kids names and ages - scary, huh??

Last night, at about 9.30pm, he called again to say he was coming over. Hubby was not home, so I went to greet hima t the gate. You know what? He came with books written by his wife, all personally addressed and autographed for my children!! His wife writes and publishes books for young children and he brought her books for my kids.

How sweet of him ..... Thanks BS!! That was such a sweet gesture.


iml said...

A very thoughtful gesture indeed.

doc said...

goes to show that initial impression can be grossly inaccurate!

JoMel said...

what a nice man. Did your kids like the book?