Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speak Lord, Your servant is listening

The Lord speaks to us in various ways, and I guess he has messages for us all the time. Just that sometimes we do not listen.

1st time he tried to pass me the message:
Thru my friends. We had met for lunch one day last week, and we were gossiping! The topic went to an old school mate who was the top student in school. Rumours have it that she eloped when she met a foreigner. Shocking to us coz she was really a little miss goody two shoes in school. The last person on earth that you would expect to do something like that. Then one of my friends said: Guess we should not control our kids too much, because they may just end up rebelling like her!

The next time he tried to deliver the message:
Was thru iml, when she wrote about letting go.

And just yesterday, jomel mentioned in her reply to my comment on her party packs, about choosing our battles, and the need to give in sometimes.

You see, I am a pretty "no-nonsense" Mum. My kids know exactly where my OB markers are. You cross the line and you pay for it!!

But I guess someone up there is trying to tell me:

Dont control too much!!

Let go!

Choose your battles!

If not, why would I be receiving 3 similar messages in a span of less than 7 days!!

Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.

But I think I still need help to put it into practice!

SAHM *shakes right arm*, *shakes left arm*, *shakes right leg*, *shakes left leg*, *wiggles body* - really trying hard to loosen up a bit!! Pray for me!


suituapui said...

"The topic went to an old school mate who was the top student in school. Rumours have it that she eloped when she met a foreigner." Not surprised! But one can never go wrong when bringing up kids with a whole lot of love...and in the light of God's grace.

iml said...

Yes, when we hold the reigns too tight, some are able to reason and duly conform while others, retaliate. I now ask less and have more faith in them. What teenagers treasure most is independance and their ability to make The Right decision. That comes from trial and error.

JoMel said...

that's amazing! And the wonderful thing is you Listen with your heart. *waves pompom to cheer you on*

bp said...

sahm, i'm thinking of you n r with you praying for wisdom on this -- how to strike a balance. i'm thinking if it's not a safety issue, and if the child(ren) shows the level of responsibility to take care of him/herself, you can let go, yah.

for me, i don't know if i've been too lax, rewarding more than disclipining, and the boys do get pretty out of hand =(... so, don't swing the other end either...

everything in moderation, within reasonable limits.

Stardust said...

I pray that His wisdom falls upon you, and help you raise your children the way He desires you to do so. You'll do just fine, SAHM! Hugs.

NomadicMom said...

But But sometimes MUST control wor...Otherwise, the kids sure go HAVOC!