Friday, December 31, 2010

There goes my clean record

15 years of driving and I met with my first accident today.

THANK GOD no one was hurt.

I was very angry with the other driver initially as the light was in my favour and she had turned into my path, coming from the other direction. By the time I saw her appear in my path, I just couldnt brake in time. She just stopped and looked at me as I crashed into her car. She then just sat there not knowing what to do. I was furious as I had 3 children in the car with me, and one was not mine, and I was concerned as to whether they were hurt. Fortunately I had reminded them to put on their seatbelts just as I started my engine. My friend's child doesnt usually wear his seatbelt, but because I requested, he put it on to oblige me, and I Thank God for that. My own son, N complained of stomach pains initially as his full weight was held abck by the seatbelt. Fortunately, the pain has since gone away, and it is not whiplash. Apart from my son, the other 2 children seemed fairly ignorant of the fact that an accident had occured and continued playing on the iPad, oblivious to what had happened.

But, now I am no longer angry with the other driver. She too didnt want an accident to happen. She told me that she didn't see my car at all and assumed it was alright to turn, as there was a car waiting to turn in the opposite direction. She apologised for causing the accident.

Anyway, I hope that will be my first and last traffic accident. I lost half a day because of it, waiting with her for the tow truck, going to the police station to make a report, sending her home in my hubby's car, and then sending my car to the other end of the island just to submit my insurance claim and for the car to be repaired.

I know it wont be ready in time for the new school year, and it would be very inconvenient for me without a car. But as long as no one is hurt, my family and I will just have to try to juggle all our schedules and make do with one car.

To a better new year. I just crashed the old one out!


Wang Tai Tai - 王太太 said...


Been following your blog silently for a while. :) Thank God you are all right! God has His eyes on you this year and He surely will be there in the year ahead. Blessed New Year 2011!

iml said...

Relieved to know you and the kids are not hurt. Have a blessed New Year!!!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lady, glad to read you alright.
Me too, 25 years clean record, and past 2 years hit by women drivers!
They reversed without looking back.

Here's wishing you and family the very best of the new year.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay young, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

JoMel said...

way to go on the positive thinking! The new year is bound to be good now that you've crashed the old one out! :D

bp said...

Thank God indeed that everyone of you, you and the kids, and also the other party, are all fine! Phew!

That's really nice of you also to drive her back, bless your kind heart SAHM!

Meanwhile, I hope you'll figure out how you can transport your children for school and their activities, and things won't be too inconvenient. A new car? :) Or maybe a rental car from the workshop, as was the case for us after our car accident. I know what you mean about all the trouble you have to go thru.


Stardust said...

Thank JESUS! Let that be the last! And yes, rejoice for the old one is crashed out, hehe!

His angels be with you always dear, and me too for I really can't drive very well. Oops.

ilene said...

Oh dear, you sent 2010 off with a bang!:)

What a timing with school re-opening soon. Sure is an inconvenience to your daily activities. But thank God indeed you and the kids are alright.

doc said...

God protects us in ways we often don't see. it's when something unfortunate like this happens do we become consciously aware of His providence.

perhaps a new car is due??