Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What did I get myself into?

Every Christmas we have lunch at my Mum's. This year she suggested going out.

But I vetoed it! why? The buffet she suggested costs twice as much as it normally would ($80+++), and the food is not all that fantastic for that price. Also, it would be crowded, and they do not take reservations, and that would mean we would have to go early to queue for a table!

And you know what? I offered to cook Christmas lunch instead!! I really dont know what I have gotten myself into!! And this decision was only made YESTERDAY!!

Now I really have to get my act today. The house looks anything but Christmassy at the moment. I wasnt planning to put up the Christmas tree this year, so I guess I will just have to whip out that small table top one.

I havent even decided on the menu yet, and I will have to do the marketing, prepare and cook ... and lunch is never easy coz we will be out for a Chrismas party the night before which means we would be home late! And we dont have much time between waking up, going to Church in the morning for service, and coming back to cook in time for everyone to eat! HELPPPPPPPPPPP!


Stardust said...

Cool down honey, one at a time. You'll be surprised of what you're capable of and it's a good chance to make this Christmas lunch signatured yours! Our Father enables you to make it great, ok? ;)


iml said...

In unison with Stardust: Go SAHM GO! I know you can, all you need is good management n an empty fridge/freezer.

bp said...

Dunno if my earlier comments here reached u at all, but just want to add my Jiayou Sahm also, u have done this before and u can do it again n I know u will feed everyone really well! Happy cooking and happy feasting!!!