Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Lunch

Well, another Christmas, and another cap in the hat. The very first time I cooked Christmas lunch for the family. And this was the menu, a simple one:

Foie Gras with apple on toast
Stuffed Calamari with seaweed served with a sweet chilli sauce

Roasted Chicken
Pan Fried Salmon with lemon slices
Fish fingers (as requested for by my children)
Pasta in tomato sauce

Ranch salad
Cucumber salad with a spicy sauce

Longans on ice
Christmas Log cake

Bubbly! Champagne for the adults and Sparkling apple juice for the kids!

As you can see, most of the dishes were really simple - just pop-it-in-the-oven or straight-out-of-a-can simple! I didnt attempt anything monstrous nor beasty like Jomel did. Why? Because I lack the skills, because the decision to cook that lunch was pretty last minute and I wouldn't dare to cook it for guests without first having tried it out beforehand!

And did everyone enjoy the meal? Honestly I dont know. My parents have never been the sort who praised, never had, and never still, and I guess my siblings are the same. I will only know if they reject my offer the next time I offer to do it.

All I can say was: I was pretty pleased with myself.


bp said...

YAY!!! What a sumptuous, scrumptious spread u served up... YUUUMMM!!! I'm sure everyone thot so too :) and love for u to cook for them again and again! GREAT JOB, SAHM!!!

Guess what? I made a salmon + noodles for our Christmas lunch, inspired after that quick exchange w you n Jo on fb, thanks! i seasoned it w just salt n pepper n olive oil, plus lime afterwards, and like that it turned out sweet not just savoury! will prob include that to cook if we go ahead w our yearend party, but first got to do some major cleaning of our messes, help!

Stardust said...

That is such a spread, SAHM! I'm totally impressed!! And foie gras, what sophistication! That's a totally swell Christmas lunch, so catch my pats!

And be proud that you made it! :D

JoMel said...

I must admit, I let out a laugh when I saw the fish fingers, but as long as the kids like it, why not?! :D

I must say that is truly an impressive spread. You are way too humble, I'd say. I believe you can do better than me, given the time to plan and prepare! Even with such last minute planning, you were able to whip up SO MANY delicious dishes! Kudos!! Can lah, can call you Chef Val already! Conquer the beast, and you'll be promoted to Master Chef! :D :D

iml said...

Looks Really Yum Yum delicious. Must keep you in mind the next time I need a real easy,simple and delicious spread.