Thursday, December 9, 2010

Almost had free spending money ....

We almost had $1250 of free spending money for our hols ... but we were too late. We hesitated and then it was gone! DANG!

As you know many airlines have stopped flying the A380 because of some problems a Qantas flight encountered recently. Well, when I booked my air tickets some 3 months ago, the flight that we were meant to be on was a A380. But due to the problems with the Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines, many airlines have now grounded their A380 planes. As a result, some passengers are bumped off their flights, as replacement airplanes do not carry as many passengers as the A380.

We had earlier done an internet check-in for our flight. When we went to the airport to drop off our luggage, we had a very chatty girl doing the check-in.

We talked about how our seats got changed to due to the different seat configuration. She then told asked that the airline was asking for 16 passengers to change flight to a later one, some 3 hours later. She then asked us if we were interested.

We considered what we would do for that extra 3 hours, whether we should make our way home. We considered whether our car rental booking would be affected, we thought of all the things the extra money could buy us ... think shopping!! And then we decided we would take it! But alas, that 3 minutes spent considering was 3 minutes too long because by then, they had found their 16 people already!

Well, que sera sera ... we didnt get that extra spending money. But it would have been good if we did.

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