Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That's really personal service!

We just got back from vacation. Yay! Had a great time with the family and chilling out with some friends.

On our flight out of the red dot, the flight stewardess asked me: how should I address your children?

So I gave her their names: S, N and D. I never expected her to address them personally every time she served them, but she did! That's what I call good service!

My oldest was surprised too. She asked me how the stewardess knew their names and I told her. Oldest then said to me: you should have told her to address us as: Your majesty, your royal highness and prince charming!!

On the return flight she reminded me again that if I were to be asked how they were to be addressed, I was to do as she told me. But alas! The service on the return flight was not as personal. The flight stewardess took the easy way out and called all the children "Sweetie"!


bp said...

hehe, S has a good sense of humour :)

Happy unpacking and settling back into life in the red dot again, and you guys enjoy the rest of the kids' school hols! if i'm not wrong, it's D's birthday coming up in a couple of days... Have a great one, i know you've had that really cool party earlier, but i'm guessing there will still be a really nice family celebration for her on the actual day :) Here's an early Happy birthday to dearest D!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks bp. We will probably do a simple family dinner to celebrate. I offered to bake her a cake of her choice but she declined. Guess she prefers one done by the professionals.

Stardust said...

What airline is that? Let me guess, definitely not SQ. Unless you've travelled by business or first class!

Ok, copy BP, happy birthday in advance to D highness! :P

stay-at-home mum said...

Stardust, actually it WAS SQ, but we flew cattle class :P

JoMel said...

I bet the oldest would blush, if she was really addressed that by the cabin crew.. LOL! But it's rare to find a person like that, who bothers to remember little details.

stay-at-home mum said...

Jo - u are right. I was impressed! U don't get service like that anymore.