Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 Shopping days to Christmas

And I am almost done with my shopping.

I was at the mall last night to collect my new spectacles (the lao hua yan (presbyopia) has gotten worse, so a new pair was absolutely necessary!!), and managed to do some shopping!!

Well, when I was at the optician, N said he wanted to go to the bookshop, and his MeiMei (little Sister), D went with him. But en-route to the bookshop, they stopped at the jewellery store (without my knowledge at all). I only found this out from the little one later.

They wanted to get me a diamond pendant, a cross with a little diamond in the middle!! (Just the thought of my two little ones wanting to buy me something just brings tears to my eyes!) It cost $139, on sale. N wanted little D to contribute $39 and he would pay $100. But little D said she had no money. All her money was with me. So they couldnt buy it :(

As we were going back to the car after shopping, we went by THAT shop again, and little D mentioned that they wanted to get me a pendant, which I immediately told them not to. I told them to save their money for themselves! And when I was brushing my teeth before bed, Little D came to me again with a brochure from the jewellery store showing me the two pendants which were going at $139 . It really brought tears to my eyes!!

Am I doing the right thing by not allowing them to buy me a gift? I dont want them to spend SO much money on a gift for me. Any small gift would make me happy (it's the thought that counts, not?) even if its homemade.

But if I dont let them buy it, would it mean that they would take it literally and never ever buy me anything for the rest of my life?? Ah well, guess I will take it as it comes. The fact that they even wanted to buy me something (this is the first time in all these years!!) already makes me very, very happy!


bp said...

AWWW!!! and i feel what u shared and get u what mean! sooo sweet of D and N, and i believe S will love to get you a present like this also! and yes, i am sure there will be many many more of such awww -- and priceless -- moments from all of them to be treasured by mommy dearest :)

JoMel said...

Awww.. I can imagine how touched you must have felt at their thoughtfulness. Well, I would have told them not to buy the pendant as well, one, because it's costly to them, and two, because I might not wear it. I would also worry that they might never ever have that thought to give me anything, ever again, since I've told them this once not to buy things for me. But from my past experience, my worry was unfounded. They did buy me my birthday presents, and my Christmas present is sitting pretty under the Christmas tree as we speak. :)

Stardust said...

Aww... I'm touched to tears SAHM!! What tender thoughts from the little ones! See how much they love you??

I've learnt from life to always be thankful for every single gift and thought, especially from children. They are the biggest givers.

iml said...

So sweet of them. They even know what present will please you most!

TripleJin said...

That is really sweet..

I think you should let them decide for themselves. I'm very sure you are worthy of any gifts they gift to you.