Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The changing shape of children

Have you noticed that the shape of kids have changed recently?

Obesity is on the rise, and there are now many obese children around.

My children are not fat , but their shape is apparently not right.

We only realised it when we tried to buy school uniforms for them.

When my oldest first started school, the smallest sized uniform was way too big. We had to practically re-sew the WHOLE uniform for it to fit her. When she went to secondary school, again the smallest sized uniform was way too big, and again major alterations had to be made. My son had no problems when we bought his as he was a little on the chubby side then, but has since lost all his "baby fat".

Just last week when we tried to buy school uniforms for the youngest, we encountered problems again. The blouse couldnt get past her head. If we were to go for a size bigger the bodice would be too big. Does that mean that my daughter has a big head, or was there a defect in the manufacturing. I would like to think the latter as another parent also complained that his daughter's head couldnt get thru the blouse and he alerted us to try it on.

Then when we bought the skirt, when the length was right, the waist was too tight ... and I tell you my child is NOT fat! In fact, she is below the average scale for children her age. And if we took one where the waist fits, the skirt reaches her ankles!! And mind you she is not short - she is of average height!

But the PE shorts - the smallest size was way too big - I have to stuff in a cushion for it to not fall off her hips! And the worst part is, there is very little we can do to alter the shorts to her size - not with the pocket and school logo on it. Well, at least I know my child is not pear shaped!

But what shape is she? If the uniforms are anything to go by: she has a Big head, small body, big waist, small hips, undertall? Does that make her a big circle on top of a diamond?


Stardust said...

Ha, hahaha, it's not Fri yet and you're making me laugh.

Kids are always in the moulding. ;) They have the best time to be shaped, don't let some bad cutting get you. I only regret not jumping more when I had my growth spurt. It's been proven to increase height! ;) Know how the Korean ladies have their fabulous legs, they really jump!

iml said...

It's all fixed. If you go one seize up, for the length, you'll have also a bigger waist/ broader shoulder etc... I had that problem with all my children.

NomadicMom said...

My kids are waaaaaay too thin.

bp said...

o dear, i didn't realize what a big hassle getting uniforms can be! your anecdote brings to mind what another s'porean friend shared with me, she'd sent her husband for the all-impt task, but guess what? he came home with their child in a uniform one size smaller than the previous year's!

just sharing that for a laugh, to add to all of your many ones here :), it's almost Thanksgiving here and Fri also. have a blessed weekend + trip, my dear!

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing your comment on SPI. Much appreciated!

About your post..

The problem lies in the manufacturers who are clueless about kids' body proportions or don't care enough. After all, in most cases, parents have no choice but to take whatever sizes they provide. We have lots of problems when it comes to buying school uniforms too. I have to see to it personally, or else my hubby will (for sure) return with one size too small too! :>

ajurv said...

't makes sense t' b a sensible mom(my)

Stardust said...

Let me guess...

You're away on a holiday! YAY!!!

Have a great time wherever you are! ;)