Friday, January 14, 2011

You Know You're Getting Old When...

Never thought that I would admit it before I turned 50, but I can really feel my age creeping up on me. So I thought I would compile this list of what's been reminding me of my age:

* Shopping no longer means shopping for clothes or shoes, but many a time it's for household items. And that has become your favourite section in the department store!
* The clothes that I used to wear in my younger days have come back in style.
* Happy hour is a nap.
* I frequently find myself telling my children how much things used to cost.
* I have an increasing number of doctors in my phone contact list.
* I say something to my kids that my mother said to me, and I had always hated it.
* My memory is shorter and my complaining lasts longer.
* My joints are more accurate than the Singapore Met service.
* All my favorite music is in the bargain bin at the CD shop.
* I look for my glasses for ten minutes, then find they've been on my head all the time.
* I hold all reading material further away just to read it.
* Our personal milestones are now our wedding anniversaries!!

And the clincher:

* The husband and I get invited to weddings and it's no longer our friends getting married, BUT their children!!


ilene said...

Hahaha....good sharing and straight to the point! I'm in the same boat too! I've been nagging a lot lately and loosing my patience too quickly. There's no denial - slowly but surely we're reaching there! *sigh*

Stardust said...

I'm checking #1,2&3 on your list. Am wishing I can check out the bargain bin at the CD shop. ;P

We all get there!

doc said...

i know i'm getting old & more aware of my mortality because last year i attended more funerals than weddings!

Yan said...

A 70-year-old said, "You have more friends in there than friends outside." In there? The graveyard!

iml said...

It's harsh reality when you go shopping for clothes and most of them just don't look good on you.

JoMel said...

that last one, is a sure sign lor! :P

NomadicMom said...

My favorite section is also the household department, and what's more? My Kids make fun of me because I just lurveeeee to hang out at Ace Hardware Store.

Thank goodness I still have yet to attend friend's kid's weddings. Still birthdays but even that has reduced significantly. Somehow, teenagers don't wanna have parties liow....