Monday, January 17, 2011

Liar, Liar Pants on fire

Remember how we used to chant that when we were younger when we caught our friends telling a lie?

Who do people lie?

Lying is morally wrong and is always discouraged, but it seems to come so naturally to human beings.

People lie for many reasons, personal, as well as social and here are some reasons:

* to make themselves sound good
* to escape punishment
* to look agreeable / avoid disagreements with others
* to maintain good relations
* to protect privacy about oneself
* as a joke or to fool someone

But some people are compulsive liars. They acquire a habit of lying and they tend to lie in any and every situation.

I know someone who has been lying ever so often. I really dont understand. Always using someone else as a front for the lying .. like saying "so and so" wants it or said so, when I know it is not true, coz this "so and so" is too busy with everyday life to be bothering about what she has just lied about. It may be a harmless lie, but the more she does it, it is beginning to get on my nerves, and as a result everything she tells me has me doubting her now. And she thinks I am so dumb and do not know she is lying when she does. URGH!!


Alice Law said...

Hi SAHM! That's very kind of you to swinging by my Parentalogy blog(some where I rant a lots,lol)!
My 3 years old too, she lies a lot and often blames/ flames others for her mishaps... well, I'm still trying to figure out how to swtch her back into a more honest mode, lol! I wish this is just a phase of growing up, since when I was a child I used to tell lies too(sometimes)!>_<

Keep well and have a nice day!
p/s: It's always good to know a new friend!;D

Stardust said...

I totally get you.

Am bothered by a liar all these years. She too thinks that I'm dumb enough to believe her. Of course, I was just 'playing along' so that she won't get to cook another drama on me. So used to her lies that I can perceive them instantly. But I'm pretty tired of pretending to believe her.. tired of being another liar. Sian.

iml said...

She must be a boring person to have to cook up stories/gossips to keep friends listening to her every word.