Thursday, January 20, 2011

More settled now

Yes, I am more settled now. With the car back, my new sofa in, and my new driving schedule finalised.

After 20 days I am back to driving my car again, and it feels good. But it's funny, after 20 days I had forgotten where the ignition is, that the lights were not auto on, nor the doors auto lock, the location of the hazard light, etc. I had to re-orientate myself coz I had gotten too used to the husband's car!!

Also, my new sofa arrived. The old one was getting quite tatty so we decided to change it. And it took a month! And this time it's a RED sofa - auspicious for the new year!! Well, we couldnt decide on the colour. I wanted the usual boring black -(goes with everything!), hubby wanted a white one (which I violently objected to as it would be black even before the week is up with those kids around!) and the oldest wanted a mustard or orange one! Well we compromised and settled on the red. The display set was a white one, and we took the risk and opted for it. Now that it has been delivered, we are so pleased with it, coz it looks really good, and it makes our home less boring, esp with the black marble tiles!1

As for the new driving schedule - it SUCKS (please pardon the language!). Why? Because I never get home before 5pm EVERYDAY! Previously when my oldest had CCA in school, she would finish after 5 and hubby would pick her home. Now with a change in school timings, (short days are days where she has CCA and 3rd language and finishes between 4.45 and 7pm, and long days aren't that long. So I end up having to pick her everyday! Coupled with D and N finishing at different times on Mondays and Tuesdays, I am making 4 trips just for school each day, and that is not counting mandarin classes, tuition for my son and music lessons for the two girls. And my day starts earlier too sending the oldest to school everyday whereas the hubby sends the younger two!

I feel so tired just writing about it so you can imagine what it is like at the end of each day. Anyway, it's good that now I know what my schedule is, I can prep for it. Mentally I prepare myself for the worst and everything else will come out better :)

The weekend is almost here. yoohoo!!


Stardust said...

Hope you'll get used to the new driving schedule soon. Glad that things are more settled now with you and over BP's side. :) People get ready for the New Year! :D

iml said...

*Hugs*hugs* I know how it's like. Be sure to get a good night sleep every night.

Wang Tai Tai - 王太太 said...

Looks like you've got everything down pat! How do you keep it all together?? Your kids are blessed. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Stardust - I am not ready even to prepare for the new year. Just the driving tires me out that even when I have some free time in the morning, I am in no mood to bake :(

Iml - I guess you had a similar schedule when your children were younger. I think I can qualify easily for a taxi vocational license with this experience.

WTT - I really don't know. And the meltdowns by the youngest doesn't help at all. I just crash at the end of each day.

bp said...

O boy, that sure is a really hectic schedule and i hope you can somehow steal little moments here n there to put your feet up to rest... plus have that good nite's rest! Your kids are truly blessed to have mom as their personal chauffeur :). You have a good time bonding with them on your driving trips! i can imagine how crazy all the to-ing and fro-ing must be for you, for me it's already crazy enough even tho it's just two out of three kids so far with school + activities, plus here there is the schoolbus that wasn't an option at all in st louis. but like today i had just enough time to pick up one boy from bus-stop, and then head out again this time all the way to school to pick up other one after his activity. now i'm trying to get a simple dinner out, and thankfully the dad isn't staying late at work tonite and can be the one to take both boys to their next school activity this evening, otherwise it's yet another trip out again! *pengsan*

*breathe in* *breathe out* yah, in the course of your busyness! you're doing great, SAHM! *HUGS*

(i'll come back to catch up on your posts later when i can next steal a moment).

JoMel said...

I don't know what to say... I believe my kids' schedule are not half as gruelling, and already I'm frazzled and flustered over the constantly going and coming... and you have to go out and pick them out in the evenings some more.. the time I need to just stay home and cook! Lucky you have a maid and mil to do all that eh? All works out in the end. :)