Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pick up time

MIL has been going with me during pick up time after school, as sometimes parking around the school is impossible. When that situation arises, she will then hop off whilst I wait in the car nearby until all the children are out and she will call me then I will swing by the school gates to get them.

She has been telling me about how all the children look alike and she looks out for D's school bag rather than D most of the time. And she also told me about this one little girl that supposedly looks like my daughter.

Today, we were early and I managed to get parking, so I went down with her to the pick up point for the Primary Ones.

MIL: Look! There is that girl that looks just like D, the one with the pink bag.

ME: where? *looks around* (as the place is crowded with parents/grandparents/helpers and we were quite far to the back).

MIL: Over there. *she points* I think she is shorter than D. Our D is not that small after all.

Me: *Still craning my neck and looking out for that girl as well as my daughter*

MIL: OMG! That girl IS our D!!


ilene said...

whahahahaha....*slap forehead*

Oops.. better not laugh as it just might happen to me when I reach THAT age!!

Stardust said...


Isn't it a nice feeling seeing your own making out from the rest of the sheep, she stands out the cutest. I used to fetch my baby bro from school.:)

JoMel said...

oh dear! :D

bp said...


Ophelia said...

Haha that was a good one!!! Thanks for sharing.