Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank God for Big Brothers

I am not referring to my own big brother but MY son, the big brother.

Much as it seems I am always angry with him for not doing his school work, he has proved to be a BIG help this past week.

With D in the same school as him, and with no parking within the school grounds for parents during the morning drop-off period, N has been helping me out by walking her to the school hall. D,on the 3rd day of school, told me that she didnt know how to get to the hall for morning assembly!! I have brought her the past two days but looks like she was in a DAZE, and hadnt quite noticed how to get there!!

So big brother to the rescue, tho' his assembly point in the mornings is different from the little one's. He would actually hold her hands and bring her to the hall. And when she complained that her school bag was heavy, he helped by placing his hand on the back of her school bag to help ease the load.

At home, he would help me by practising her "ting xie" (chinese spelling) with her, as many a times, the children complain that I pronounce the chinese words wrongly. Over the past few days I have also told him to remind his "mei mei" (little sister) to practise her piano when I was out doing my runs. Though he has stopped piano classes some two years ago (becoz he claims he is not interested), he sometimes practises her piano pieces. And I noticed that this has suddenly made D want to practise her piano even more ... coz of the "kiasu" (scared to lose) mentality. She doesnt want to be playing worse than her brother!! What a blessing for me, coz I love it when the children play the piano and the house is filled with the tinkling of the piano keys!

And I noticed that as a result of all these, Big brother and little sister have become much closer! And tell me, what could make a mum happier!!


ilene said...

Bless the little ones! When you see your children behaving so well, you feel like you've done right in raising them up. Good job done SAHM! God bless you too.

bp said...

Yay, N is another BUDDY to D, the best one of all her buddies!

Yeah, big brothers rock, they do :)

So do moms, so do you SAHM :)

Stardust said...

Aww, sweeet gor gor... I've always wanted a big brother like that, too bad, I'm the eldest.

Do you agree that Rabbits are one of the most responsible people and best caregivers? Er hem. He makes us bunnies proud! :D

NomadicMom said...

Awwwwwwwww. So sweet....
I supposed it is times like this that makes up the hair-tearing episodes!

JoMel said...

awww.. bless! I know what you mean.. it warms my heart whenever I see them siblings being nice to one another.