Monday, January 3, 2011

Why, oh Why?

Why do they have to change teachers at the last minute??

My precious little one will be having a different form teacher from the one introduced to her during orientation. As it is, it is already a big transition from kindergarten to Primary school. Just when she is all sort of ready and looking forward to having that "fun" teacher, we found out that her new form teacher will be her Mandarin teacher, who has JUST been transferred into the school, a few days ago!

And judging from my experience, Mandarin teachers are NO fun! And no fun for mummy too! Coz mummy's mandarin is .... erm ...not quite there! So, how am I going to explain to the teacher Lil D's medical condition, and the dos and donts, and the precautions to take? And what if she posts on the class blog in Mandarin? This mummy is going to be so LOST. And guess what? I think my chld will be too. Especially after 6 whole weeks of no mandarin exposure, she has probably lost it all, just like her Mum! And I dont think thats going to sit well with the teacher!! YIKES!

Sigh! I wish they would have orientation late in the year, so that there will be no changes for the children. and erm .. for the parents too. And I guess I will just have to photocopy all those doctors letters again, just in case the previous teacher did not pass it on.


JoMel said...

maybe hor, you're in for a pleasant surprise. She might be good in both English and Mandarin, and still be a Mandarin teacher! :) Hope all works out. It will, eventually. Don't worry! Hope D enjoys her first day tomorrow with so many new friends. :)

doc said...

when lil D gets thru this mandarin teacher, which she will with time, everything else will be a breeze.