Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surviving the first week

Yes! One more day and the first week of school will be over. And I must say it went pretty well. The little one was awoken in the mornings on her own without any problem ! Guess it helps when I make her go to bed by 8.45pm, with short cat naps during the day in the car when we can manage it or if she will co-operate do it :D

And we managed with just one car. A little bit of inconvenience at times but it is working out. I drop the two younger ones and the husband at the office in the morning and come home with the car. Then its marketing or errands with the MIL, until it's pickup time for the kids. In the evening, when picking up the oldest or anyone from enrichment, I will swing by to get the husband from the office. The oldest get sent to school by FIL, and I think its great coz there is no stress in rushing her to be ready early and no need to face jams at two locations which makes it better for all concerned, AND it provides for some grandpa and granddaughter bonding time!!

Also, since I stopped fetching my son to school 4 years ago (when he changed schools in P2), we stopped praying together in the car in the mornings. Now, we can do it again together, and we did it this morning. It feels GOOD to start the day with a prayer with the children :D

Blessings come in disguise, I guess.

And you know, I just found out that the children think D (note: I will stop calling her lil D coz she's a BIG girl now!)brings a lot of money to school. Heard from the oldest's best friend that she heard D brings $130 to school. This girl's sister is in the class that D's buddy is from and news travel. They must have asked her how much money she brings to school, and our friend (D!) has forgotten all the money classes she learnt in pre-school. She was given $1.30 cents but when she counted she counted 130cents (which is not wrong, I guess). She must have forgotten and told her buddies she has $130!! Well, this MUM will NEVER allow her child to bring that much money to school, and with that amount we can probably feed the family for a week!

Hope your week, and year has started as well as mine.


Stardust said...

Everyone must be so proud of D, and I'm smiling with the school's thoughtful arrangement. May the angels stay around always, as D finds new friends and her new self. School-how exciting!

doc said...

bonding with grandparents is something i missed out in my life, & the same will go for my kids as well.

which makes me all the more determined that, when the time s=comes, i try to be a good grandpa myself!!

bp said...

That's great all your driving arrangements and i love the bonding and prayer that it's made possible. Also D's classroom arrgt... but 5 floors, woo, that's still a climb, but guess that can be a gd form of exercise in itself!

Looks like D has your Math genes too ;p

my week's been crazier, but it's always nice to steal a moment here... and yes, it's TGIF for u already, yay!

JoMel said...

yeah, sounds like it really worked out for the better. Blessings in disguise. My week was alright too. Mad first day, then it just got easier as the week progressed. Let's hope it will be smooth sailing from hereon, for us all :)

TripleJin said...

Yup...def. a blessing. Funny how when we downsize, we realise things aren't as bad as we think it would be.

It's so funny about D's 130cents.... how interesting how fast the rumour flew around school! Without internet, I presume? :P