Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little Miss Chatterbox

I was out shopping with my older daughter the other day, and we came across T-shirts from the Mr Men series. She insisted that I had to get the Little Miss Chatterbox Tee for little D. Why? Because Little D likes the colour pink, and IS a little chatterbox.

Little D has become really chatty nowadays. She sure can go on and on talking about anything under the sun. But I am not going to tell her to stop, coz I know, there will come a day when she decides to share less with me. I am so glad that she wants to share all her knowledge and happenings in school with me.

Recently, I have been meeting up with my friends from school. And everytime Little D will want to know what we did when we met. So, I tell her that we chit-chat. We catch up on the past and fill each other up on what's happening in our lives now.

"So you chat?" she asked me. "And for soooo long?", she says. "So that makes you a chatterbox too!!"

Guess most of us Mums are chatterboxes in our kids eyes ... just that we dont realise it!!

Happy Chatting!! ;)



bp said...

Hahaha! Lil D is such a darling and chatterbox all rolled into one! I like it too when my boys yak, becoz more often when I ask them how's school/anything interesting happening, they'll say "nothing", so I totally know what you mean that we rather they be sharing with us still!

Happy weekend with your brood, SAHM!

charming said...

I recently bought two sets of pjas, one each for my girls at Target here in Sydney with Miss Chatterbox printed, after all that's what they are. Little Miss Chatterboxes!

TripleJin said...

Heheheh.... can't report me. I mainly use recycled water/ lil boys' wee-wee to water my plants...

maybe that's why they're growing so well. ;)


Jackie said...

haha...yr DD is adorable. My DD loves to watch Mr Men carton on TV too.