Monday, March 2, 2009

Fingers are itching again!

Have not been baking for quite a while. Suddenly, the fingers are feeling the urge to do something again!!

Made brownies yesterday, but it came out a little too crumbly. I also found it a little too sweet, though it tasted really good with vanilla ice cream :D

Suddenly feel like making so many things ... choc cake, stwrawberry whip sensation, muffins, cookies, etc .... which I am sure will make my kids very happy.

Checked the fridge. The mince beef is calling out to me. So I think I will make sheperds pie today. The cream cheese expires in about 10 days time. So will likely make oreo cheese cake this week. Must get down to it before the urge goes away.

Hope this post didnt make you feel hungry. Instead I hope it gave you some ideas on what you can do in your free time.



NomadicMom said...

I'm certainly not in the mood to bake. Eating on the other hand.... is another matter. Too much mood to eat that it is bad bad bad for me. Need to cut down...can feel my pants tighter. Bleah..

FAD MOM said...

hehehe i've been baking too many cheese cake lately too! all just because i borrowed the Cheesecake bible from NLB. i baked three this week alone.. my girls and maid aren't eating them anymore, so i've been giving them away too...hahahah

in between i also baked cookies, sponges and others... i'm getting really fat.

i want to try Oreo cheesecake nxt week because i still have cream cheese in the fridge and i'll be away during the holidays after next week!