Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Mysteries

Life is full of mysteries. Mine isnt any different. Here are some of the little mysteries in my life:

1. How come a little 4 year old never forgets to put her dirty clothes in the laundry basket, but her older siblings never remember?

2. How come clothes keep going missing? Socks come back as a loner, towels do the disappearing act, etc.

3. How come when I take the "drowsy" version of cold medicine it leaves me wide awake at night, unable to sleep??

4. How can a person forget to brush his teeth both in the morning and at night, even when you remind him??

5. How come money can disappear so fast from my wallet, even when I didnt go shopping?

6. How come when you need something you can never find it, and when you have given up looking for it, it is staring right at you?

7. How come when I am late or in a hurry, the traffic lights always turn red?

If you know any of the answers to these little mysteries, please share!



Ling That's Me said...

I know some questions have the same answers - THAT'S LIFE ! :D

PS: I agree with No. 6 & 7!

iml said...

I too am baffled with these little mysteries.

TripleJin said...

If money is disappearing from wallet..someone's stealing. Be careful.

About #6, you're right. When I can't find something..I just stop and tell me'll turn up.

I think the best answer to all ur questions...



Stardust said...

I experience #7 very often! Grr..

As for #2, I've heard that there are washing machines that consume socks. No relevant experience though.

#6, you may have been panicking while looking for your stuff. Nope?

NomadicMom said...

Ya man. WHy are these things so mysterious ah????

bp said...

Hehe, know what you mean!

And the socks thing happens to me all the time... I think maybe put them in the laundry nets, that will help?

And I have this other mystery for you: how come teeny tiny socks for babies, even before they can crawl, comes with those non-slip bottoms?! Reason for the manufacturers to charge extra?! Haha!