Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moove it

I have been noticing cows popping up all around Singapore recently. It is the work of this company called Moove Media.

But their latest cows are really cool! They carry auspicious CNY words and can be found where there are nice greeny pastures - eg the open space across from Ngee City, Katong Park, along Adam Road, Orchard Road across from Concorde Hotel, etc.

(Sorry for the poor shot, but it was taken whilst I was driving!)

I would have loved to Mooove one of those cows to my lawn at home as part of my CNY decorations, but alas there is a sign that accompanies them that says the cows are under surveillance!


Constance Chan said...

gosh i didn't see those before... i've not been to downtown lately.. they are so cute!

gosh i hope you're not still having problems with posting comments on my blog.. some noticed the lag lately..

iml said...

Under surveillance???? Nay, I don't think so. Your neighbour will give you away though.

~ Jade ~ said...

They are part of Comfort Delgro at Braddell. The 1st year when they launch Moove Media, the cows did went missing.=) Hah! so now it is under surveillance. =)