Monday, February 23, 2009

My moody teen

When my friend, who lives in the Isle of Man, last visited Singapore, she commented to me that her teenage daughter was always grumpy. Her daughter was 13 then. Last year, when she came to visit again, I missed meeting up with her, as we were away on holiday. However, she updated me that her daughter was still "her same old grumpy self".

Over the weekend, my girl turned 13. We went out for lunch to celebrate her birthday, and some time during lunch, hubby turned and looked at her. Guess what? She had this grumpy look on her face and took offence with her dad looking at her!!

Why was she so grumpy? ~ he wanted to know. Hubby had made special arrangements for us to have lunch at this restaurant, and even pre-ordered her favourtie for her - foie gras - as they did not usually serve it at lunch. Shouldnt she be really happy??

My response, was that, our little girl was now offically a teen, and thus entitled to be grumpy for no reason! I read somewhere that many teenagers tended to be moody and grumpy due to the changes that they were experiencing in their bodies and lives. Teens are new to the surge of emotions that can come with the increase of hormones during puberty. So this affected their moods - and hence the grumpiness.

So I guess, we will just have to wait for her to out-grow her moodiness. It helps that we have a fun loving four year old to keep us sane in the meantime.

Is your teenager always moody too?



TripleJin said...

Aik! I remember I was quite moody/grumpy when I was a teen. I never liked the spotlight on me..

But foie gras! WOW! I would be slurpin' it up! Heh heh heh...

iml said...

Eldest was quite moody for awhile, adjusting to new school/friends/enviroment.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello IML. Its what its called, 'Rebel without a cause'.
You not the only mom experiencing that.
Disini pun ada juga, young 13, 14 year olds....ALL GIRLS! Dia naik angin for no reason. Muka panjand or hitam.
And its always, "mom, you don't understand". This the best time for fathers to make themselves scarce, ha ha.

Ahhhh, tetapi kalu ada a handsome fellow about 16 next table, itu lain cherita, ha ha.
Yes, GIRLS go thru this stage till 18. So lagi lima tahun.

Fortunately boys tada naik angin, ha ha....naik gila ada.

You just keep a song in your heart and have a nice day, Lee.

bp said...

Happy belated birthday to S! I want some foie gras too!!! I think it's the hormones, so hang in there mommy!

Jackie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your princess. I have another 3 yrs to go before i can see the grumpy teen look on her face...she is jus a happy know nothing girl now !!