Sunday, February 8, 2009

You know you have ....

... had one pineapple tart too many when:

... your throat starts to feel scratchy,

... you have pineapple breath,

... you dream of pineapple tarts chasing you,

... you have minor eruptions on your face,

... you have many empty containers of which once contained pineapple tarts,

... you begin to sound like Rod Stewart and you arent even trying!!,

... and you feel a need to blog about them!!

That usually happens towards the end of CNY, like about now! And I am definitely one of those. I really cant imagine how many tarts I have consumed. But every time CNY comes around, I seem to go about trying to get the best tarts. Besides making my own, which I must say, taste-wise, ranks pretty high this year, other pineapple tarts that rank highly on my list are:

- those from LE cafe in Middle Road
- those made by this lady living in Marine Parade
- those made by my aunt
- those made by another aunt's friend
- those made by my late Godmother - hers was really the BEST!!

Had a good pineapple tart lately??


NomadicMom said...

So you actually have PINEAPPLE growing out of your head, huh???

iml said...

Thank Goodness, it's only once a year.

Stardust said...

Pineapple makes you coarse?

Pff, I'm 'luckier' then, hazardless consumption possible!

Olivia said...

I like the catchy "tune". It is quite funny.


Jackie said...

I just learned to bake pineapple tarts for CNY this year, and will be baking them next year too and every year if there my family is not tired of eating them. I had so much fun baking those once a year tarts with my DD during those few days !!

May i know where to find that lady in Marine Parade that sells home-made pineapple tarts.